Grey’s Anatomy season 14, episode 4 recap: Ain’t That a Kick in the Head

In “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head,” Amelia prepares for one of the most important surgeries of her life. To find out how it went, here’s our Grey’s Anatomy recap.

“There are over one billion neurons in the brain,” Amelia tells us as she shaves just a portion of her head while her sisters watch. She doesn’t want her mom to come because “she didn’t come to my wedding, she doesn’t get to come for my tumor.”

Tom, Amelia’s former professor and current neurosurgeon, explains the procedure to the rest of the doctors. Of course, he needs to be the most arrogant person in the room, but once he leaves, Amelia explains what everyone ought to do in the event of the death. “I love you people tremendously,” she says before they go down to the operating room and assume superhero positions.

“When you go into surgery, you worry you won’t wake up. When you go into brain surgery, you worry that you will wake up. But you won’t be there when you do.”

When she goes under, Owen returns to Megan’s bedside while April prays for her safety. Apparently, Tom loves the Beach Boys, so everyone has to listen to it while they wait in the gallery.

Doesn’t anyone have any patients?

Tom cuts the last vessel as Meredith narrates what’s happening. Eleven hours after post-op, Amelia eventually wakes up and is relatively cognizant. Of course — and I really do mean, of course! — Amelia wakes up and we hear her inner dialogue, but no one else can.

Meanwhile, Richard and Bailey start looking for some sort of amazing new doctor. The first applicants they interview aren’t that interesting — one is a prolific oversharer and the other doesn’t really care about Grey Sloan anyway. When Richard needs a break, he checks in on Catherine and Jackson post-Captain Avery’s funeral. I guess Tom and Catherine dated once, but rest assured that this is relevant to absolutely nothing.

For her work with Megan — remember how stomach transplants don’t happen every day — an article’s being written on behalf of Meredith … and Jo, who worries about letting a picture of herself go public. Obviously, her happiness with Alex will be short-lived because there’s still a wild ex somewhere out there. And one day, he’s going to find Brooke Stadler again.

Soon, Amelia starts talking again … in French. When she eventually makes it to English, parts of her memory appear out of place as she suggests Meredith call Derek. She knows it’s retrograde amnesia and that it’s likely temporary, but she devolves into panic nonetheless. “You will be a surgeon again,” Tom assures her.

Outside of Grey Sloan, Richard and Maggie attend a family dinner at Catherine and Richard’s house, only to discover that Jackson inherited a quarter of a billion dollars. “It’s not a gift, mom. It’s an economy,” Jackson grieves. To which his mother replied, “You think having a lot of money is tough. Try not having it.” THANK YOU. Literally, the next ten generations of Jackson Avery children won’t have to do anything with their lives if they all live a normal, conservative life. Like, I worry about spending money on lunch and Jackson just inherited enough money to have lunch in a different country every single day for the rest of his life.

Once Tom clears Amelia to leave, she worries that he’s missing something and asks DeLuca to keep running scans. Though she won’t leave, Meredith sure will to attend to another patient who needs her more: Faruq. Riggs is able to get him back into the country (citing a medical emergency). Naturally, the reunion between Faruq and his mother is absolutely heartwarming. It’s too bad I wasn’t too into Abigail Spencer until right this second since she probably won’t be on the show for much longer.

More importantly, though, there’s nothing really wrong with Amelia, other than she will have to learn how to live without a tumor now. Owen visits her and asks her to come home, but Amelia tries to set him free. The road ahead for them will be long and arduous. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t ship it, and therefore, would prefer if Owen moved on. Amelia is so strong. She’ll get through this with her sisters and whatnot, and she’s been bogged down by so much. I just want her to be free.

I just want them all to be free and happy. Good golly. Is that too much to ask?

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  • I know if certain characters don’t make an appearance of some sort, people go crazy. But I really don’t need to see snippets of April’s old “woe is me” ways. Her personal problems have never been that interesting, but she’s a tremendous sidekick to everyone.
  • Oh, my gosh, Riggs actually did something cool in this episode! As part of his “big gesture,” he went to Baghdad to find Faruq for Megan. So I guess that means he’s over Meredith now, right? Why do we have to keep dragging this out?
  • Since Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t know what to do with Arizona anymore, Sofia Torres is coming home again. That’s actually pretty cool. Will she have Callie in tow, too?

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