How to Get Away with Murder season 4, episode 3 recap: It’s For the Greater Good

Tonight, Annalise tries to convince us “It’s For the Greater Good.” To find out whether it was or wasn’t, here’s our How to Get Away with Murder recap.

I think I’ve figured out why I don’t enjoy watching How to Get Away with Murder anymore, so I’m going to do this recap a little (actually, a lot) differently this week. And if my theory turns out to be true, I’ll explain at the end.

Basically, we’re going to follow each character through the episode.

Michaela: After telling Laurel she doesn’t want to get involved, Michaela starts her new job and proves to be a very useful asset. Even when Laurel presents her with some concrete evidence that her father killed Wes, Michaela finds a way to win the “Hell Bowl” at her office.

Laurel: Still in pursuit of her father, Laurel tries to find more people to help her cause and even goes as far as asking Bonnie for a job. When she runs into Annalise, she reveals that she’s having a boy.

Annalise: The case of the week introduces Annalise to Ben Carter, a man accused of killing the mother of his daughter. From within his cell, he wrote his own appeal and swears he never touched the woman, though she had just informed him that his daughter might not be his. Annalise argues that Ben was sent to prison because of how he looks (covered in tattoos from head to toe). During the next court session, Annalise starts swinging sympathy in Ben’s favor until the DA tries to force him to submit to a paternity test. After the trial, Annalise confronts Bonnie in the parking garage and threatens to drag Bonnie up and down the pavement, but Nate breaks it up in time. Then, Annalise learns that Jasmine, her patient from last week and former cellmate, has died from an overdose … as she predicted. It makes her want to take a drink, but when she visits her therapist, he discourages her against it so she won’t lose her license. Once she returns home, Annalise discovers a DVD that shows proof Ben didn’t push anyone out the window. The following day, she questions Ben’s former lawyer, Virginia Cross. “Overwhelmed and underpaid,” Cross admits to her mistake while on the stand. Fearing she will be disbarred, Cross confronts Annalise, who almost knocks her out. By night’s end, she returns to her therapist and reveals she filed a class action suit against the state.

Nate: Nate appears as a witness in Annalise’s case, giving her the opportunity to grill him to Timbuktu. Afterward, he tries to team up with Bonnie and asks Oliver to hack Annalise’s phone.

Asher: When he’s not working, Asher helps Frank study for his LSATs. For the most part, he just acts as a good boyfriend and friend whenever he can.

Connor: Connor drops out of Middleton and gets his money back. Even when his friends stage an intervention, he just “digs his heels in” until his dads show up.

Oliver: At first, Oliver doesn’t want to hack Annalise’s phone, but Bonnie convinces him eventually. Ultimately, he spends most of his screentime worrying about Connor.

Frank: My favorite dude doesn’t even get to do anything in this episode worth mentioning. Though he does take a phone call while talking to Laurel, who asks “New girlfriend?” Frank then goes, “Pretty much,” and answers Asher’s call. It was pretty great.

Bonnie: Obviously, she feels pretty betrayed by Annalise. But at Frank’s insistence, she hires Laurel to work at the DA’s office.

2 months later at the hospital, Michaela watches all the babies in the nursery. Covered in blood and lookin’ a mess, Annalise’s therapist finds her. Then, she asks if “he’s dead” before becoming hysterical about how everyone around them dies.

Check out the preview for next week’s episode:

As you can see, a majority of the action happens with Viola Davis as Annalise Keating. That makes sense since she’s the star of the show. However, there happen to be like 10 more named characters on this show. It’s a very big roster, and four seasons in, I barely know anything about them. The show prides itself on its thrilling mysteries. Unfortunately, they waited too long to pull back the curtain and develop the characters more. We started to get to know Wes through flashbacks, but he’s dead now. If I don’t care about any of these characters beyond their superficial exteriors, why should I care about what happens to them next? Short answer: I don’t. Snappy-ish dialogue and shocking aren’t enough anymore. You’d think How to Get Away with Murder would know what to do with extraneous characters, huh?

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