Kane returns on WWE Monday Night RAW

Kane destroyed Roman Reigns inside a steel cage during a shocking return to WWE Monday Night RAW.

The Shield’s worst nightmare has officially come true at WWE TLC. With the trio set to take on The Miz and The Bar on Sunday, Braun Strowman had a chance to earn a spot for himself and a fifth member in the match. All Strowman had to do was defeat Roman Reigns inside a steel cage. A chaotic ending saw the return of Kane.

As The Bar and Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins brawled their way into the parking garage outside the arena, it appeared that it was going to be left to Reigns and Strowman. Instead, Kane returned to the surprise of everyone in attendance in Portland.

Reigns had Strowman set up for the spear and a chance to put the monster down for the count to close the show. Kane would instead rise up through the ring and would deliver a devastating chokeslam and tombstone to the fallen Reigns.

Strowman would officially cover Reigns for the pin after the help and win the match. As a result of a stipulation put in place earlier, Strowman and a fifth member would be added to The Miz’s team at the pay-per-view this week.

The Miz would sit high above a ladder and announce at TLC, that Kane would be the fifth member. The returning big red machine would lay waste to Reigns one more time as everyone stared on with stunned looks on their faces.