NBA Season Preview 2017-18: 5 reasons the Warriors won’t win it all

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The seem like an inevitable juggernaut, but here are five reasons the Warriors won’t win it all this season.

The new NBA season is (almost) here, and while there are many fascinating stories and teams to follow this year, the ultimate result of the season almost feels like a foregone conclusion. In a scenario in which the two possible championship winners are the Warriors and the field, most people would probably take the Warriors.

I probably would too. They have two of the three best players in the league, one of the two best coaches and arguably the deepest bench. The odds are heavily in their favor.

But they’re not invincible, and much of the league believes that as well. A few opportunistic front offices made significant roster shifts this offseason in attempt to bring down — or even challenge — Golden State. You still have to play the games, and the Warriors winning it all is no certainty, even if it feels like it.

Here are five factors that could trip up the defending champs.

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