Jaimie Alexander, Luke Mitchell talk Blindspot, career starts

Jaimie Alexander and Luke Mitchell spoke to us about Blindspot and the early days before acting became a crown jewel in their lives.

Blindspot’s Jaimie Alexander and Luke Mitchell sat down for an interview with FanSided before their New York Comic Con panel. They couldn’t have been more frank and sincere.

Alexander talked about her early high school Theater days before there were lights, cameras, and Blindspot. How singing was the bane of her early acting pursuits. Discussing the teacher that led her to temporarily pursue sports instead. All before returning to her first love, acting.

Here we are about to embark on Blindspot’s third season, proof that one teacher’s opinion on your talent has no bearing on what you’re capable of becoming.

Mitchell similarly discussed his absolute passion for the game of tennis. His infatuation with becoming a professional tennis player lasted from the age of 5 to about 19 years old. Mitchell talked about almost turning down an audition for the role of Roman while on holiday because he thought it wasn’t the right fit.

We almost didn’t get to know Jaimie Alexander and Luke Mitchell as Jane Doe and Roman. We’re happy their paths in lives eventually led them back to acting and Blindspot!

Interview with Blindspot’s Jaimie Alexander and Luke Mitchell

FanSided – Nir Regev: Hi Jaimie! I’ve heard that originally, you were gonna be out of theater in high school because you weren’t able to really sing. That you were going to go into sports instead? Is that all true?

Jaimie Alexander: Yeah! I got kicked out of my Drama class as a sophomore because they would do a lot of musicals and I cannot sing … I can’t even really hum! It’s terrible! *Laughs*

Luke Mitchell: I’m the same.

Jaimie Alexander: I just can’t do it. So, I wasn’t earning enough credits to really make that class work for me. So, they kind of kicked me out. And then I started the female wrestling team at my high school.

Luke Mitchell: *Laughs*

Jaimie Alexander: It makes sense doesn’t it. I started doing sports like track and field, cross country, wrestling and I did really well in that. I guess I was like “You know, I’m gonna try to be actor.” I don’t know why. I don’t remember how I decided that’s what I should be doing with my life.

Luke Mitchell: I think it panned out alright.

Jaimie Alexander: Yeah! *Laughs*

Media member: Did you ever email the teacher and be like, ‘How do you like me now?’

Luke Mitchell: *Laughs Hard*

Jaimie Alexander: Yeah, she was not a nice woman. Her name was Mrs. Ashlock, if anybody wants to know.

FS: I’ll make sure to note that!

Jaimie Alexander: Yeah, noted! *Laughs* I think she ended up getting fired from the school, two or three years after I graduated. I don’t know why, I just heard that. I was like “Oh’.”

FS: Was it good to hear that like karma ended up working?

Jaimie Alexander: Yeah! It was kind of like I never want to seek revenge on anyone or wish anyone ill but maybe now more kids can be involved in the theater class … Because she’s not there! *Laughs*. Anyway, that was a long time ago!

MM: Ancient history.

Jaimie Alexander: Yesss!

FS: Luke, you wanted to be a tennis player.

Luke Mitchell: I did, I did.

FS: Do you look back on it? I mean obviously now you’re a famous actor so there’s no regrets. Do you sometimes watch tennis and think that could have been me?

Luke Mitchell: I watch tennis all the time! I absolutely love the sport. I played from the age of 5 onwards and I quit tennis when I was about 18, 19. My younger brother is a professional tennis player, so I follow all the Grand Slams.

I’ve been to three of the four Grand Slams which is really cool. I just haven’t been to Wimbledon just yet. So yeah, I follow it all the time. I absolutely love it but I know I’ve made the right decision! You know, I still like to get out and play when I can.

Jaimie Alexander: This is weird, I feel like we’re learning stuff about each other that we never knew.

Luke Mitchell: Did you not know that?

Jaimie Alexander: No! *Laughs*. I did not know this.

Luke Mitchell: Well, there you go.

Jaimie Alexander: It makes sense.

MM: Speaking of that, we just learned quite a bit of what’s ahead for Roman’s character. It sounds like you guys are going to take sibling rivalry to a whole new level.

Luke Mitchell: A whole other thing!

MM: Not that you didn’t have it before but so much for my hopes for this sweet reconciliation. Tell us about that?

Luke Mitchell: Well, you know, there could be some sweet reconciliation.

Jaimie Alexander: There could be, you gotta have levels.

Luke Mitchell: I just don’t know what would have to take place for that to happen. There’s a lot that’s going to take place.

Jaimie Alexander: If your character’s in a coma, I probably would be able to say, “Ohhh, sorry buttt.”

Luke Mitchell: *Laughs*. “Ohhh. There, there!” Yeah, I’m not sure what would have to happen but I have to believe there’s still love there. Otherwise, there can’t be the hate. There’s so much pain. Yeah, I don’t know how we get there but in the meantime, Roman’s having a lot of fun, toying with her emotions and the team’s emotions.

Jaimie Alexander: It’s very cat and mouse.

Luke Mitchell: Yeah.

Jaimie Alexander: He’s the puppet master, pretty much.

FS: I’ve heard originally that you were going to turn down Roman’s audition for the show. I was wondering why you didn’t want to do it or thought you wouldn’t fit?

Luke Mitchell: Yeah, it’s interesting, I wasn’t going to turn down the role. I was going to turn down the audition. I was still on holiday with my wife doing a road trip through Germany and I got sent the audition. Because I was on a holiday, I was like well, this audition better really suit me. I read the character brief and because of the way it was worded, I was just like, “This isn’t me.”

I’m not wasting my holiday because you know, doing a self-tape takes a lot of time, effort and energy. It’s quite exhausting. I was like I can’t. My time is too precious on this holiday, so thank you but no thank you. I finished my holiday, came back to LA and as soon as I came back, they were like, “Hey, we’ve got you an in-room audition.” And I was like, “Guys, I’m not right for this role! Tell you what, I’ll do a tape now.”

I just did a tape, I was jet-lagged and I still a big beard from the holiday. I just grew the beard for the holiday because when you have to shave or trim all the time, you get a bit sick of it. I just grew it out. So, I did this tape and the next day I get an email saying, “Call-back.” So then, I’m like okay, now I have to go into the room.

Jaimie Alexander: “Now, I have to go in.” *Laughs*

Luke Mitchell: I was in the room on Skype with Martin [Gero] and I did the thing. I still didn’t think I was right for the role. But then after I spoke to the casting director, she told me where all the other actors were going wrong and kind of playing this guy like a villain. But, that wasn’t their intention at all! As soon as I heard her take on it, I was like, “Oh, okay, I could see how it would fit.” And so did Martin [Gero], and then he liked my beard.

Jaimie Alexander: I remember, I called Martin [Gero] and I asked him, “Who are you looking at to play my brother? Because obviously, I’m going to have to work with this person a lot. Please pick somebody who’s a good actor!”

Luke Mitchell: Please, don’t pick an a******! *Laughs*

Jaimie Alexander: He’s [Martin Gero] like, “We really like this guy, he’s Australian.” I was like, “Oh God … Only one Australian, okay!”

Luke Mitchell: *Laughs* Yeah, yeah?

Jaimie Alexander: Just kidding! *Laughs*. I understood because he told me about you and all my friends on SHIELD were like, “Oh he’s the best, he’s so nice!” I was like, “Cool.”

Luke Mitchell: I paid them all! I paid them all to say nice things.

Jaimie Alexander: He [Martin Gero] was talking about how great of an actor Luke was, and that I was going to be very happy about this decision. I was like okay, because we wouldn’t know if we had chemistry because I don’t have enough time to…

Luke Mitchell: Yeah, we didn’t do a chemistry test or anything like that.

Jaimie Alexander: Yeah I can’t because I’m in [working] every day, all day long. So it was important for them to hopefully pick someone that it worked out with. And then weirdly, we have a lot of the same mannerisms that we didn’t even know! We don’t look the same but there’s something about us that is definitely like brother and sister. It’s so crazy.

Luke Mitchell: Yeah, first day on set, people were like, “Oh wow, you guys.”

Jaimie Alexander: The vocals!

Luke Mitchell: The verbals, and the eyes. There’s like an intensity thing. There’s a whole bunch of things.

Jaimie Alexander: It’s so weird! So, we were like “Cool!” And I have four brothers and they’re all his coloring. Pretty much, my biological brothers are very light like him and I’m very dark, so I was like “It could be! It could be!”

Luke Mitchell: It’s possible, yeah. It is possible.

Jaimie Alexander: My mom calls you her TV son. *Both Laugh*. She’s like, “That Luke Mitchell is just so precious.” I was like, “He’s killing people on this episode!”

Luke Mitchell: *Laughs Hard*. Aww, thanks mom! He just needs more motherly love.

Jaimie Alexander: She’s like, [Jaimie’s mother] “He’s just so darling!” Like, my mom’s boyfriend is from Texas. It’s sweet. *Smiles*

FS: Thank you!

Jaimie Alexander: Thank you! Nice meeting you!

Luke Mitchell: Thank you! Have a great day!

Blindspot Season 3: Premiere Date and Trailer

Catch Jaimie Alexander and Luke Mitchell on Blindspot’s upcoming third season! Blindspot premieres on NBC on Friday, Oct. 27 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time/ 9 Central.