Watch Taylor Swift’s performances from SNL (Video)

Taylor Swift was the musical guest on SNL this weekend, playing two songs from her new album ‘Reputation’.

There isn’t a star in the world brighter than Taylor Swift. No one can just disappear for as long as she did, going completely off the grid, and then resurface with such ferocity as she has. The release of Reputation this week is just further proof of that, and now we’re all going to ride the wave of her latest success whether we want to or not.

Swift celebrated the release of Reputation with a performance on Saturday Night Live this weekend, performing two of her new hit songs. It was an ushering in of this new version of Taylor, not unlike the way Prince morphed his persona from album to album, up to the point where he morphed right into a symbol.

The first song she performed was ‘Ready For It’, where she did her best to buck the usually clean image that the world has come to know her as.


Notable here was a moment where Taylor combined the lyric about touching her with a sensual movement towards her pelvis. This was about as polar opposite of clean-cut, and another proclamation that she’s not the Taylor of old.

Her second song was much more mellow, an acoustic rendition of ‘Call It What You Want’. It was an interesting dichotomy to her first performance, and a glimpse into the internal struggle contained within Reputation’s running time.

The two performances got their point across. This is a new Taylor, one that not everyone is going to like or take seriously. She doesn’t care though, and neither do her fans who are ready to go on this journey with her into this new era.