Will Wally West get a chance to shine on Legends of Tomorrow?

It hasn’t been confirmed and might not be, but Kid Flash speeding off to join the Legends aboard the Waverider would make all kinds of sense and help make up for how shabbily he’s been treated on The Flash.

Poor Wally West. Just when it seemed “Crisis on Earth-X” might save his season with a cool action scene during the interdimensional Nazi invasion, he was quickly dismissed so he could run Joe and Cecile to safety. Apparently, even with super-speed, that required the rest of the crossover.

The Flash continued afterward, and once again, Wally was nowhere to be found. Back to Blue Valley, they said, which is cool because it’s the home of his namesake from the comics, but lame because he was once again written out of the show.

But could Wally’s absence be part of a plan that would actually end being pretty cool and giving him some much needed time in the spotlight? CBR reports that an unnamed Arrowverse character will join Legends of Tomorrow when it returns from its winter break. Marc Guggenheim wouldn’t spill the beans about who it is, but CBR seems to think Wally is the number one candidate.

The site’s logic gives one plenty of reason to be hopeful. Wally’s powers would be a big boon to the Legends now that Firestorm is gone, and the scene from earlier this season in The Flash that featured Kid Flash and Steel teaming up (sort of, as Wally did all of the crimefighting) could very well have been some lighthearted foreshadowing.

It would indeed be the height of irony if it took a bona fide team show like Legends of Tomorrow to enable Wally to get the attention he deserves, but it’s been juggling a full cast of characters since it debuted and is used to ensuring everyone gets some love. The Flash, for all its strengths, can be a bit more hit or miss in that regard.

As well, if Kid Flash was simply too much of a strain on The Flash‘s SFX budget, he should be okay on Legends. Those Firestorm visuals weren’t cheap (and thus, the writers kept Jax and Stein apart more often than made sense many weeks, but that’s another story), but without him around, that frees up some dough for running around in a yellow and red blur.

Most of all, though, being part of the Legends team would give Wally a chance to not be a sidekick and do his thing without having to exist in the very long shadow cast by Barry Allen. Maybe he’s not the Fastest Man Alive, but he’s still very capable, and he’d get an opportunity to prove that on another show.

Guggenheim made it sound as if The CW will eventually decide to reveal the identity of the mystery hero, so it could be that Wally West fans will get an early or late Christmas present this month. Moving Kid Flash to Legends of Tomorrow won’t completely make up for the way he’s been shuffled to the back burner so far this season, but it will definitely help. A lot.