Is Starbucks open on Christmas?

If you’re hoping to get your morning caramel macchiato on Christmas Day, you’re in luck because Starbucks is open on Christmas.

There’s nothing like holiday traditions, but for some people heading to Starbucks in the morning is a tradition that supersedes everything. Thankfully, your local Starbucks will be open on Christmas Day to satisfy all of your beverage needs.

The same caveat applies to Starbucks that applies to just about everything on Christmas: Call ahead to confirm hours. Most locations will be open at least 7am to 5pm on Christmas Day, but those hours can vary depending on the location. Not only that, but locations inside malls and stores might not be open at all because they’re held to the operating hours of the malls or stores. Even so, 7am to 5pm is plenty of time to get that warm drink before returning to your regularly scheduled holiday activities.

High volume Starbucks might keep longer hours while others may only be open in the mornings, allowing employees to go home and celebrate the holidays with family. It’s also worth noting that many locations near airports and theme parks will have different hours than those locations in neighborhoods.

Starbucks is a popular morning ritual for so many people, making Starbucks gift cards an even more popular go-to gift. People who need some last minute gifts can stop in for Starbucks gift cards and coffee-themed items that work for everyone from nieces and nephews to in-laws to the forgotten cousin who shows up for dinner unannounced.

You can expect your local Starbucks to return to regular operating hours bright and early on Tuesday morning, just in time for after Christmas shopping trips.