The Solo teaser was fine, but the next one needs more Donald Glover (and maybe more Chewbacca)

The first teaser for Solo is finally here, and while it delivered enough to assuage the fears of many Star Wars fans, it was light on what appears to be its greatest strength.

Let’s start by getting this out of the way about the first Solo: A Star Wars Story teaser: it cleared the bar of expectations that many fans had for both it and the movie as a whole.

Granted, that’s because said bar was set by the most nervous Star Wars fans at “complete train wreck.” That’s what happens when you hire an actor who looks more suited to play young Luke than young Han, change directors midstream and don’t release a trailer of any kind until there are less than four months to go until the release date.

The teaser, which you can see below, makes the movie look like it will have the requisite Star Wars action scenes, space opera dialogue and cool visual effects. Alden Ehrenreich kind of, sort of feels more like Han, or at least sounds like him and is appropriately smug. Woody Harrelson, who we almost forgot was in this movie, is awesome.

Plus, there’s a cool droid! Every Star Wars movie has at least one of those.

But there’s something else that’s a little lacking. Take another spin through the Solo teaser and see if you can figure out what it is:

Why isn’t there more Donald Glover as young Lando Calrissian? Everyone knows that he’s this film’s secret weapon, something that was only confirmed when he made a cameo in the Solo Super Bowl spot and stole the show simply by looking cool AF for about two seconds.

In the teaser, we get Lando flashing a smile at the :35 mark, piloting the Millennium Falcon with L3-37 and then looking worried as Han has gotten the Falcon into a situation way more dangerous than he expected (because of course). And that’s it.

Put bluntly, we need more Lando in the next Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer. We need to hear Glover say something, anything, and we’ll be so on-board with this movie. There’s obviously a really interesting story there that needs to be told, since most fans are dying to know just how Han swindled him out of the Falcon and set up the status quo between the two of them until they meet again in The Empire Strikes Back. On top of that, Billy Dee Williams was the epitome of cool as Lando in the original triology, but Glover looks like he can match him, and that’s significant in and of itself.

It probably wouldn’t hurt to feature more Chewbacca either, considering he’s the one character who reliably links this movie to all of the others in the series. The Wookie is like comfortable blanket for anyone worried that this film will suck, and that’s not just because he’s big and furry.

Considering the unusual publicity cycle for Solo, it’s possible the next trailer for it will come a lot faster on the heels of this one than for most wannabe blockbusters. That doesn’t give Ron Howard and his team a lot of time to cut it, but it’s pretty clear what they need to do to get everyone properly psyched for May 25: give us more Lando. Please and thank you.