The Walking Dead: Eugene puking on Rosita is a new low, even for him

Josh McDermitt as Dr. Eugene Porter - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 15 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Josh McDermitt as Dr. Eugene Porter - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 15 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

Negan should be the most hated character on The Walking Dead after what he’s done, but here’s why Eugene is actually the biggest villain.

If you needed any more reason to hate Eugene, surely, his sardine mac and cheese recipe would qualify as that. As long as we’ve known Eugene, he’s been a selfish coward traitor and it’s resulted in people dying after he allowed the Saviors to escape the sanctuary.

Eugene is the absolute worst. This much we know to be true. It’s funny, on a show with Negan, a psychopath who used a baseball bat to beat Abraham and Glenn to death isn’t the worst person on the show. Eugene takes the honors.

This week’s episode, Eugene proved yet again why he’s so despised when he was talking down to Father Gabriel. Eugene realized his bullet making was less than desirable and called him out for it. Father Gabriel readily admitted to his plan of making bullets ineffective because he doesn’t want anyone to be killed, certainly none of his people. This set Eugene off, who already talked down to him for being sick and not wanting anyone to catch whatever it is that he has.

Eugene had to tell him that Father Gabriel’s people are the same as Eugene’s now. And if he can’t stomach that thought, he should just end it right now. When he started breaking down and crying at this, Eugene sent him to the corner and told him not to cry too loudly.

I wanted to reach through my television and strangle Eugene, again.

And I really wanted to do so after Daryl and Rosita led him away where Rosita said she’s let him live but would stash him in the darkest hole they could find and make him do something meaningful with his pathetic life.

When walkers converged on the three, Daryl went to take care of them while Rosita watched Eugene, who had the bright idea to stick his fingers down his throat and puke up the sardine mac and cheese he stuffed his face with earlier in the episode. He proceeded to vomit all over Rosita and escape.

Eugene returned to the Saviors and determined to do something with his pathetic life and by that, he’s going to make sure this order of bullets is fulfilled so Negan’s plan of attack against the Hilltop is executed and Eugene’s old allies will be executed because of him.

Eugene is the worst and he needs to be the next to die.

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