Relive the 5 best moments from WrestleMania 34

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1. John Cena and The Undertaker finally square off

They actually did it. After all of the build, all of the questions and all of the debates on social media, John Cena actually got his wish and got a match with The Undertaker. Unfortunately for Cena, it definitely didn’t go as expected.

Fans waited 13 years for this match to finally happen, and, although it wasn’t what they probably wanted for an end result, all of the surrounding moments were incredible to watch.

Between the tease of Cena coming out to a referee telling him there was no match, to the Elias tease when the lights first went out and wrapping up with the real Undertaker moments and storytelling that came when the lights went out for a second time, it was all absolutely perfect. Everyone got goosebumps when The Dead Man made his walk to the ring in New Orleans for the first time since his legendary streak ended.

What made this a truly great moment for me? The Undertaker looked like The Dead Man of old in his utter domination of Cena. It was an absolute massacre in the ring, with Cena only mustering up a tiny bit of offense when he went to attempt his five moves of death.

It was cool to see and went against the grain of what everyone was expecting from the match, and was a good way to possibly build for the future without taxing The Undertaker’s body too much.

Somehow, this ended up in the middle of the show, which kind of took away from the moment. However, considering it was a Goldberg-level squash by The Undertaker, it makes sense why it didn’t end up as the main event. No matter what, any wrestler fan should appreciate the entire build-up and the surprise they delivered in the ring on the grandest stage of them all.