Nick Foles gets what he deserves from the Eagles


Nick Foles is getting a well-deserved raise.

The Eagles may have won a Super Bowl with Nick Foles at quarterback, but that never meant they were going to pay him like a starter this offseason. Fortunately, the Eagles and Foles have come to an agreement that will see him get what he deserves.

Trying to figure out how to compensate Foles was always going to be a tricky issue for the team. The Eagles are rightly committed to Carson Wentz as their long-term starter. Even leading the team to a Super Bowl victory wasn’t going to allow Foles to unseat Wentz at the top of the depth chart.

You still can’t ignore the fact Foles was an integral part of their Super Bowl run. It’s pretty obvious the team wouldn’t have been able to hoist the trophy without his postseason exploits. As a result, they needed to find a way to keep him as high-quality insurance against another Wentz injury. Letting him leave this summer would have been too risky.

That’s precisely why the Eagles have come through and given Foles a chance to be paid like a starter if he’s forced to perform like one.

Simply put, this is a fair deal for both the player and the team. If Wentz enjoys a totally healthy season and leads the Eagles deep into the Playoffs there’s no reason to pay Foles like a starter. If, on the other hand, Foles is pressed into action and plays a starring role, he deserves to be compensated adequately. The ability to earn $14 million seems like a reasonable compromise.

This deal also gives Foles a lot of financial security this season. Per Ian Rappoport, the least amount of money he can make this year is $9 million. That’s well above the average salary for an NFL backup quarterback.

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The best NFL contracts occur when both the player and team can feel good about the deal. The new deal between the Eagles and Nick Foles certainly qualifies. The talented signal caller gets a healthy pay rise for his postseason exploits and the team gets another year of excellent protection at the most important position in the game. It’s a win-win in Philly.