WWE Money in the Bank 2018: Preview and predictions

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Roman Reigns vs. Jinder Mahal

Vince: Okay, so we need something for Roman to do for the summer before getting him to SummerSlam to finally get that big coronation when we send Brock Lesnar packing for the UFC. What do you got?

Creative: Well, we’ve got Money in the Bank coming up so we could put him in there to kill a month.

Vince: No, no, no. I want it to make it look like we’re holding him back. You know, kind of like we did with Daniel Bryan a few years ago. You guys remember how much the crowd loved that storyline, don’t you? I mean, they’re essentially the same guy.

Creative: Ummm….sure. I mean, it’s not like they’re booing him out of the building every night or anything. (Puckers up) I think everything has gone perfectly thus far, Vince. The booking and the storylines have just been phenomenal. But just to be safe, how about we put him in with somebody that the crowd might boo just a little more?

And that’s how we got Roman Reigns vs. Jinder Mahal. One problem though. It’s still not working. They at least did a little something with it by having Jinder cost Roman a spot in the Money in the Bank match but this feels very similar to the “anybody but you, Roman” thing that we got with Bray Wyatt a while back. The problem is that Jinder Mahal isn’t Bray Wyatt. I will say that this is a little more intense than I expected it to be so at least there’s that.

Prediction: Given what we saw with Jinder Mahal last year with his WWE Championship run, it’s tough for me to say that there’s no way that he can win this match but it’s highly unlikely unless they’re going to have them go at it again at Extreme Rules. But again, this feels like a filler for Reigns until Lesnar gets back so I’ll pick him here. I’m sure the Chicago crowd is going to love this one.