Preacher recap: The Grail use Tom/Brady against Jesse Custer

Tulip and Lara try their best to settle their differences and work together, while the Allfather calls upon Tom Brady to get Genesis from the Preacher.

Last week’s Preacher sent Tulip, Lara and Jody halfway across the world to retrieve souls for Madame L’Angelle. We found out why, when we saw her suffer from increased dementia because of a deal she made with the Devil. It’s not a surprise that L’Angelle is in Satan’s pocket, but her new deal threatens to shake things up for the worse.

Last week’s episode caused a stir when they named it after Hitler only to have him appear for five minutes. It looks like they’ve gone the misleading title route again because Tom/Brady was really just a clever play on Thomas Jefferson and Wayne Brady. Honestly, can’t even be mad at them for this. It’s just one of many well-played moments they had this episode.

Preacher season 3, episode 8 recap

Herr Starr and Jesse begin to put their plan into motion. He takes the gun from Starr and starts shooting at the Allfather’s armed guards. When they take their fight to the elevator, they startle an innocent bystander. However, he eventually clears them out before returning to the top floor.

The Allfather tells Jesse his soul’s in “a safe place,” but that’s not good enough to save his life. Starr says his soul’s up his a*s, before revealing he’s not actually dead. The Allfather gets back up and vows to take Genesis from Jesse.

TC reports to Madame L’Angelle that Tulip and Jody are back from Osaka with more souls than you can count, although Lara didn’t make it out alive. When they tell her her souls are outside, she sees Madame Boyd, then Jesse, and all the people she’s killed over the years attack her. As it turns out, it was all a dream.

In a taxi, Cassidy tells Eccarius he still hasn’t heard back from Lisa. He says she must still be in Spain, even though he sent her to Poland. Cassidy nearly calls him out on it but doesn’t. When they head back to their home, the cab driver turns out to be Hoover in disguise. He puts on a garlic necklace and lights his car up, but the children catch onto it quickly and surround his car.

Madame L’Angelle, who’s wide awake this time, receives a visit from Satan.

She called him to tell him about Tulip, while he asks when she’s going to join him in hell — they made a deal many years ago where he granted her the power to eat souls to stay alive. Since she’s suffering from nightmares, L’Angelle wants to make a new deal with him involving Jesse.

Allfather removes the bullet from his body, remarking it was “merely a flesh wound.” He says he’s going to take Genesis from him, but Jesse says it’s rightfully his because he has faith in God. He then straps him to a chair, where Starr tells him the Allfather’s like Thanos — you have to aim for the head. He plans to suck Genesis out of Jesse, who goads him on.

As the Allfather explains, Genesis isn’t for him, it’s for Humperdoo. But when they try to insert it in him, he explodes into a million pieces before it gets sucked back into Jesse. But Allfather brings in a clone of Humperdoo, telling Jesse “meet religion’s greatest weapon: science.”

Jody and Tulip act out a very poorly scripted dialogue, but it’s under their cover of HR performing a sexual harassment PSA to the Japanese branch.

When Lara asks for a volunteer from the audience, she has Tulip play the boss. She gropes him in order to get his access card, while Lara acknowledged she crafted that plan just to see her do that. Meanwhile, in hell, Satan asks one of his helpers to track down Tulip.

The Allfather goes through several more Humperdoo clones to see if one of them will receive Genesis, but they all end up with the same result. He brings in a doctor, instead, to explain their process. They’ve tried to make a DNA cocktail that has the same amount of goodness and badness that’s present in Jesse. Their original prototype, which combined Serena Williams and Louis XVI, didn’t work.

Starr receives a Snapchat story from Hoover detailing his current predicament. He’s okay with him dying and even instructs the children to kill him. One of them suggests using bees, like The Wicker Man, but Cassidy rejects it, even though he thinks it’s a brilliant film. He’s a beekeeper, which makes things easier, but Eccarius questions why they should kill him. He proposes granting him everlasting life instead.

Even though Lara and Tulip gain access to the soul bank, security cameras catch them red-handed. However, that’s what Jody’s for, posing as a human resources agent that’s come to check on their browsing history. While he’s doing that, the two of them gain access to the safe.

After they get the souls, Jody receives a call from L’Angelle, and as they leave, Satan’s helper is waiting in the lobby. She then gets on their flight, as an attendant, and refuses to let her pass. Her description of Tulip is “a brown-haired Grail officer coming back from Osaka”, but Tulip flashes her fake ID and points out Lara as the person she’s looking for.

Just when she thinks she’s gotten off scot-free, Tulip realizes she brought back the wrong suitcase. She wants to go back, but Jody tells her who that lady really was.

Now that Hoover’s blood ritual is done, Eccarius sends him off to the airport, although we know what that really means. When Cassidy digs through the garbage, he finds Lisa’s bloodied neck pillow. As Eccarius is performing the same monologue on Hoover, Cassidy interrupts him and presents his findings. Eccarius quickly knocks him out, but that gives Hoover time to escape.

The doctor has concocted a new DNA cocktail, fusing Thomas Jefferson and Wayne Brady — giving them the Tom/Brady. Jesse repeats that Genesis was meant for him, but on the next Humperdoo clone, it works. He conducts them to bow before him, which they do, but the doctor shoots the clone dead before the Allfather instructs her to bring in the real Messiah.

Eugene, Hitler and Lara are now at a bus stop waiting to go to Hell. Hitler asks Lara for a cell phone, which he uses to contact one of his coworkers.

Final thoughts

After Satan was used sparingly throughout the first seven episodes, he was an omniscient presence this week. He figures to be another obstacle in Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy’s path, though it was jarring to see them spend an entire episode apart from each other. The best way for them to escape their current predicaments is to reunite and soon.

Since AMC is all about spin-offs for their most popular series, they need to make a spin-off with Tulip and Lara. Their hatred for each other is so palpable that it makes for the best scenes. I’d easily watch an hour of them trading barbs back and forth while on various missions. Too bad Satan had to break up the fun.