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Where can you find this weeks episode of Insecure online?

Last week on Insecure Issa lived out her fantasies for a bit, but then realized that they were just that: fantasies. However much she liked the idea of a relationship with/sleeping with Daniel it just wasn’t going to work out.
During episode 3 Issa made the important personal decision to move out of Daniel’s house. Regardless of whether she eventually wants some type of relationship with him or not, what they had going on wasn’t healthy. For one thing neither of them were really honest with each other (about their feelings and a whole bunch of other things.) Also there was that whole thing about Daniel having another girlfriend… Yeah. One of them would have to step up and decide to make a move one way or the other and in “Backwards-Like” Issa did.
It will be interesting to watch for any parallels between Molly and Issa’s journeys going forward. Last week in “Backwards-Like” Molly began her new job at a black-led law firm. But she quickly realized that her idealistic vision of that job just wasn’t going to happen. The job itself, and the expectations for it, weren’t going to change just because her bosses weren’t white.
Issa  spent this episode on the other side of the problem. She had convinced the other board members of We Got Y’all that having a more diverse staff was important. But just changing that would not solve all of the problems with the nonprofit, and it seemed like Issa realized that during the episode.
In the PROMO for “Fresh-Like” it’s clear Molly still isn’t totally comfortable with the atmosphere at her new job. Hopefully she can get used to it, because I’m not sure the workplace she’s imagining actually exists. Regardless of who’s in charge, there are certain expectations of a law firm that Molly doesn’t seem to have accepted yet.

WHATInsecure season 3 episode 4, “Fresh-Like”

WHEN: Sunday, Sept 2, 10:30 p.m. ET


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