The Step Back Q&A: Famous Los on the NBA, Instagram fame and his new album

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With over one million Instagram followers, a brand new album dropped, and an NBA commercial appearance, Famous Los is on an absolute tear right now. The Step Back caught up with the Instagram influencer to discuss his life, how he got here, and what lies ahead.

With the NBA season just warming up, the league is set to release a pair of brand new commercials promoting fan engagement while asking the games big questions. Famous Los is featuring in the “Dunks or Threes promotion, that asks just that: which do you prefer?

The new commercials fall in line with the NBA’s commitment to finding different ways to engage with fans. It mirrors the recent NBA Playmakers initiative, which allows video creators and basketball lovers to interact and share content through the Playmakers YouTube channel and other digital platforms.

On top of the guest appearance, Famous Los has a new online show releasing, an album dropping, and one important follow he is chasing on social media. With all that in mind, what better time than now to catch up with one of basketballs funniest men.

The Step Back: You have over a million followers on Instagram and provide something completely unique for basketball/sports fans around the world. How important is social media in your eyes, for allowing people to be as creatively wild as they want to be with limited restrictions?

Famous Los: At the beginning, you can do whatever you want to do, when you are just trying to get people to support your video. But when you get brands and different companies then it becomes more of a business. That’s when you’re really working on your career and stabilizing your name in the business, in entertainment. So when you get your name out there, that’s when it gets different and a little more controlled.

The Step Back: Do you ever sit back and think this is ridiculous? I’m out here having fun with a game I love and it’s turned into a legitimate career?

Famous Los: All the time, all the time!

I just remember when I did it for free, and I used to just tell people that it’s going to work one day. I just kept making videos and telling myself it’s going to work one day. I never forget those times, never take them for granted.

The Step Back: It’s all about the followers these days on social media. You’re followed by some seriously big names, particularly in basketball, is there any one player or personality in particular that had you, or would have you starstruck if they followed you?

Famous Los: I don’t know about basketball because they’re my boys, but Drake is the one. Drake is the one, I need that follow.

The Step Back: Have you met him?

Famous Los: I know Odell Beckham Jr. so I don’t know how I don’t know Drake, because they’re close friends.

The Step Back: You could seriously play the game yourself, can you talk a little bit about your college career and how big of a goal it was throughout that stage of your life to make it to the pros?

Famous Los: I was very good at high school basketball, but I didn’t have the grades to go to a bigger college so I ended up playing Division II. My team was still very good, we were number one in the nation we won a championship ring, thank god.

After that, I was going to try and go pro and I dislocated my knee for a third time and I just couldn’t take it anymore mentally. After the first time, I was like alright, the second time, ok, but after the third time I knew it was over, it just wasn’t meant to be. Then I started making videos.

The Step Back: Now I’ve read you actually played on the same team as Brandon Armstrong (BDOT)? Are you guys super close?

Famous Los: Yeah, we played college together. Freshman, sophomore and my junior year together before I transferred. I then came back for my senior year, I loved that school.

The first year Brandon and I were inseparable, that’s how we got so close. We made tons of videos. Though those videos are nowhere to be found now, we had to take them down (laughs). Everything was just different, we were just kids, 18 years old.

The Step Back: He’s actually playing hoops in Australia right now, do you have any short or longterm plans about getting into the game in that type of capacity?

Famous Los: Always. I just got off the phone with him ten minutes ago.

The Step Back: I’m fairly confident in guessing you’ve always been a bit of a comedian, at what point did you start to think that you can combine both to forge a career and was there a particular moment you remember where you thought, this comedy stuff is legit?

Famous Los: I’d been making videos for around three years, I was always making random basketball videos. But one time, I started doing the talking videos and my page started going nuts. I was wondering “what is going on”, so I tried another one and it went crazy again. So I kept making the videos, I’d do them anywhere from the grocery store to the car.

Then one time it was so loud in my living room so I walked out the back to the bathroom because it was the only place that was quiet in the house. I made that video from the bathroom and my comments were going crazy with the bathroom stuff.

The Step Back: I know you have a project coming up with Filayyyy, can you talk a little bit about your relationship with him and where you guys would like to take the show?

Famous Los: It’s called the Famous Los and Filayyyy show. The first episode just dropped last week, and the second episode may drop today, I’ve had so much on with the album, I’ve lost track.

I always thought I could work with Filayyyy, but I wanted to make sure I was solidified, but when I met him, I thought, this is cool. [He’s a] Really cool guy, he’s funny and now with the show, it’s great. Filayyyy’s fans are crazy, and actually, I think Filayyyy got that Drake follow.

But when we combine our stuff together, we’re killing it.

The Step Back: Is there a lot of going into each episode, or is a lot of taking it as it comes on the fly?

Famous Los: Oh nah, it’s a real show, we get together and plan it out. We flew to New York and shot five or six pilot episodes and our guys put it all together. We are just trying to sell the show, we’ve got the fanbase. Maybe it’ll be ESPN, I don’t know, but hopefully, someone will pick it up.

I will say though, I love the show. The first episode, even though I’m on it, I loved it. For those that know me, if I’m saying I loved it, then you know that means something.

The Step Back: That’s not the only media venture you are involved with right now, you’ve made a guest spot in an NBA commercial incoming. How did that opportunity come about and how much fun is that to think about being a part of NBA promotion?

Famous Los: I had so much fun man, it was my first NBA commercial ever. I was just happy to be affiliated with the NBA, who over the past year have shown me so much love. I’m just so grateful.

The Step Back: And what about the All-Star celebrity game jersey this season?

Famous Los: Oh man, I want it. I’ve been waiting for that. I want to play every year because I just love the game. Especially the celebrity game because I really want to be getting buckets out there.

The Step Back: Do you watch a lot of NBA and do you have a pick for the title and MVP?

Famous Los: I’m watching every single day. The Warriors are my team and Steph is getting the MVP. You can write that down.

The Step back: And give the album a plug.

Famous Los: It’s called FAME not Famous, with the FAME part meaning forgetting all my enemies. It mostly rap, not real tough rap but mostly singing and rapping. It’s my first mixtape ever, my first time doing music. I’ve always loved music, and now I get to express myself through that so I’m just really happy it’s out there.

The Step Back: Finally, what’s your goal for 2019, where do you want to be by the end of next year?

Famous Los: Other than the show, I’ve started my music so I’m hoping that’s going to take off and I’m happy I’m back in that bathroom making videos commentating on NBA basketball. The celebrity game is another goal.

I’m trying to work on some short film stories, don’t hold me to it, but I really want to try and work on that. Funny, serious, but all about basketball in all different situations.

The Famous Los and Filayyyy show can be found on Facebook Watch.

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