The cast of Future Man previews season 2 on Hulu

Future Man is back on Hulu on Jan. 11, filled with physical comedy, insane timelines, and lots and lots of embarrassment for its star, Josh Hutcherson.

Future Man is a crazy show that mixes up different timelines and lots of hilarious physical comedy that fans can’t seem to get enough of.

It centers around star Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games), who was revealed in season 1 to have an incredible gift for the physicality of great comedy.

FanSided spoke with Hutcherson, Dereck Wilson (Wolf) and Eliza Coupe (Tiger) at New York Comic Con back in October. Below are some of the excerpts

Josh Hutcherson

Hutcherson spoke about his character, Josh Futterman (such a great name!), who started out as a gaming slacker living with his parents (dad played by the wonderful Ed Begley, Jr.), but becomes a time-traveling hero bent on saving the world from the cure of herpes (yup, you read that right).

What inspired his gift for physical comedy:

“I think I’m just a real-life clown most of the time. I just like to entertain people, and I don’t have a lot of shame, in doing so. So I’ll just kind go for it. If it gets a laugh, that’s good. Nice to make people laugh and escape into a world for a while. If we can do that, with various forms of comedy, including slapstick and kinds of crazy, I’m down.”

As Futterman, Hutcherson goes through a series of humiliations, including a prosthetic penis, drinking his own piss, lots of nudity, and constant indignity. But on Future Man, it all works, and it’s quite hilarious.

His favorite gag was on the show:

“There’s this running bit where I sort of am treated like a dog, and like chained to a shack, and fed bean mush and muzzle and all this, and just that whole section of physically embodying a dog. I love dogs, and I feel like I am one, kind of in my soul, like a Labrador. So for me, I kind of really enjoyed being able to physically embody that.”

Season 2 gets even weirder, but one of the highlights of the first season was watching Hutcherson’s zany interactions with “straight man” Ed Begley, Jr. as his dad.

What it was like working with Ed Begley, Jr.:

“Ed’s amazing. He’s like the sweetest guy… Super loving, super sweet, so peaceful. He’s great.”

Which comedians inspired him:

“I grew up watching a lot of Robin Williams… He’s really smart on how he does his physicality. I idolize him. Obviously, Jim Carrey’s the master of that, I feel, of kind of going super big and it works, always. Those two are the best.”

Derek Wilson

Derek Wilson (Wolf) also spoke about the humiliating bits of comedy that are liberally used in the series.

“I’ve never been asked to tone it down in this show. Other shows I have. This show I seemed to have found the place where they like the large sort of craziness that I like to do. They’ve never asked me to bring it back. If anything, go further.”

On wild things we can expect in season 2:

“We shot a very extensive sex scene in season 2, which I know has been whittled down quite a bit, for various reasons.

“There’s a lot of nudity this season too, probably more than last season. I feel like I was signing a nudity waver like once a week. So we have that to look forward to.”

Eliza Coupe

Coupe talked to us about how she approaches the zany comedy on the show.

“I am equally very in control of my body, and a 100 percent out of control, at the exact time, just vacillating between the two. I always joke that I have very long limbs and very large hands and my younger brother is always just like, ‘you just flop into things,’ and I do… But now I kind of control it, and there’s other times I’m like a bull in a china shop, but a bull with large mitts.”

Future Man season 2 drops on Hulu on Friday, Jan. 11. Check it out.