Nick Diaz congratulates ‘cheat’ Georges St-Pierre on retirement

Nick Diaz posts NSFW message for former opponent Georges St-Pierre upon his retirement announcement.

As Georges St-Pierre readies to leave MMA and the UFC behind him many members of the MMA community are wishing him luck in the future. The two division champ is regarded in some circles as the best fighter to have ever graced the UFC Octagon. Although one fighter, St-Pierre’s former opponent Nick Diaz, has other feelings towards the retirement announcement.

“[GSP] fights like a b**ch and always has I fought him and he cheats to f**k you b**ch a** sport,” Diaz wrote on his Instagram story. “I fight for real and I won. I don’t play ball. Life’s not a game the UFC is.”

Diaz went on to write, “Congrats, nice to see someone leave well enough alone for once.”

Diaz and St-Pierre fought each other at UFC 158 for the welterweight title. Diaz lost that fight by unanimous decision. Since that fight both Nick and Nate Diaz have been vocal of St-Pierre being a ‘cheater.’ In a recent interview with TMZ Sports, Diaz accused St-Pierre and his team to poisoning his IV pre-fight.

Nate Diaz has previously sounded off on this topic as he posted an accusation towards St-Pierre on his Facebook page.

“GSP cheated when he fought my brother he was on steroids,” Diaz wrote. “He was overweight and they let him be because we were in Montreal and his boy gave Nickk a bad IV now they selling u wolf tickets on me GSP you can clear that shit up or fight yourself, cheater.”

Nick Diaz has not fought since January of 2015. After serving suspensions, Diaz seems to have no desire to return to the UFC. According to Diaz’s taring partner and longtime friend Gilbert Melendez, Diaz is retired from fighting. Diaz recently reiterated this sentiment but then added on Instagram “If there was an offer I couldn’t refuse, things would be different.”


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