Report: Wife, brother file restraining orders against Matt Hughes

According to multiple reports, restraining orders have been filed on Matt Hughes by his wife and brother.

Former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes had restraining orders filed against him by his wife and brother, according to a report Tuesday from ESPN.com.

Audra Hughes and Mark Hughes each filed protective orders against the former fighter in late 2018, according to court records obtained by ESPN. Audra Hughes’s filing came on Dec. 13 while Mark Hughes’s filing date was not revealed.

Hughes filed for divorce from his wife the following month, this after reports circulated about alleged physical violence by the fighter against her. The incident, Audra Hughes alleged, happened in front of their children.

A TMZ report noted Audra Hughes accused the fighter of choking then threatening to shoot her during an incident in the summer of 2018. The report also noted Mark Hughes claiming his son was threatened by the retired fighter around the same time.

As of the time of this writing, Matt Hughes has not come forward with a statement regarding the allegations or filings against him.

During his time in the UFC, Hughes had a run as the 170-pound titleholder and cemented himself as one of the greatest fighters the division had seen. Years after retiring, Hughes was involved in an auto accident in 2017 that saw his vehicle struck by a train. He recovered, although he suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of the collision.