Hero of the Week: Samwell Tarly gets done what has to be done for Westeros

After every episode of Game of Thrones in the final season, this will be a look at who was the hero of the hour. So who took the crown in the premiere?

The first hour of Game of Thrones‘ final season saw most of the heroes gather in Winterfell to fight the White Walkers. There were many long-awaited reunions. A lot of shade being thrown by humans (Sansa towards Dany) and dragons (Drogon is Not Impressed by Jon). But, not a lot of chances for heroic actions.

Which is why the award for hero of the premiere is awarded to the character who passed along the most important information of all of Game of Thrones, Samwell Tarly. He is given the thankless task of telling his best friend, Jon, that his dad is not his biological and he is in fact the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Oh, and the woman Jon is in love with is actually his aunt.

There were really only two people who could inform Jon of his true parentage and Bran was too busy waiting in the courtyard for his “old friend” Jaime to arrive. Also, this was not information that new emotionless Three-Eyed Raven Bran was equipped to tell his brother.

So the task fell to Sam and right after he learned that Dany, a.k.a. a member of the family he was just about to tell Jon he is a part of, had killed his father and brother for bending the knee. Sam calmly told Jon that he was really Aegon Targaryen, son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen.

When Jon started to flip out that Ned had lied to him his entire life, Sam stepped in to defend Ned as his lie saved Jon from being killed by Robert. And Sam was willing to ask the tough questions about Dany’s leadership style and if Jon is better suited for the crown.

Going forward, Jon will likely rely on Sam to help him work through all of this new information. Jon is going to need someone to figure out how he should tell Dany that he is her nephew and technically has a strong claim to the throne than she does.

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Honorable mentions for heroes of Game of Thrones season 8 premiere go to Torment and Beric. Somehow they managed to survive being on the Wall when The Night King burned it down. How they survived such a feat could probably be classified as very heroic. But, we never saw that very improbable event happen.

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