Here’s everything we learned from the Tyreek Hill tape

An audio recording of Tyreek Hill and his fiance discussing how their son’s arm was broken is being released.

Tyreek Hill wasn’t charged with a crime over his son’s broken arm, but that doesn’t appear to be the end of the story.

Last month, it was reported that Hill’s son suffered a broken arm but it wasn’t clear at the time who was responsible. That didn’t change between then and Wednesday when the Johnson County District Attorney’s office publicly stated that it didn’t have enough evidence to continue with its investigation, concluding that something criminal happened but it was unclear who was the perpetrator.

All of that could change, as a tape that allegedly contains the voices of Hill and his fiancé, Crystal Espinal, discussing how their son’s arm was broken is being released. It apparently came from a third party.

Espinal is the same woman who Hill assaulted while she was pregnant, which caused many teams to remove him from their draft boards. The Kansas City Chiefs didn’t and took him in the fifth round of the 2016 Draft.

Note: This will update with the key bullet points of what we learned from the tape and what it means moving forward. There is language here that may be uncomfortable to read. 

The entire 11-minute tape was not released, but the most damning snippets were revealed:

  • Hill is heard on tape telling Espinal that she had “better be terrified” of him
  • According to Espinal, Hill’s son told her “Daddy did it” when asked about his broken arm.
  • She also said that Hill makes their son open his arms and punches him in the chest when he cries.
  • Espinal berates him for “getting the belt’ when hitting his son in the chest doesn’t work.
  • Hill counters and says that Espinal also uses a belt and that his mother can back him up on that.
  • He also denies anything by saying “I didn’t do nothing”.
  • Espinal also said that she “rode for you” (covered for him) when dealing with an investigator asking questions.

There seems to be enough here to charge one or both with conspiracy. We can’t know for sure until the entire tape is heard. The district attorney said that if more evidence came to light, the investigation could be re-opened.

This tape could be exactly that.