Adam Sandler sang a song about how SNL fired him back in 1995

Adam Sandler’s first ever opening monologue on SNL was all about how the show fired him in the 90s.

For the first time in 24-years, Adam Sandler went back to where his career began and hosted Saturday Night Live.

To commemorate this historic moment, Sandler used his opening monologue time to sing a song about how this was the first time he’d been back at SNL since he was fired from the show almost a quarter-century ago.

The fact of the matter is, he was fired. Despite the Sandler-Spade-Farley era of SNL widely being considered to be one of the best, most of the cast was turned over after the 1995 season. It ended up ushering in the Will Ferrell-Chris Katan-Molly Shannon era so the purge ended up turning out alright, but the fact that Sandler was canned from SNL remains a sticking point for many.

He even busted out a Chris Farley impression during the song about how he got fired too. It was around this time that old castmate Chris Rock came on stage to help sing about how he was fired too (and about how he joined In Living Color and it was then taken off the air three weeks after).

Even Pete Davidson — who many have already compared to Sandler for his youth and absurdity — sang about how he was fired too. Sandler corrected him to which Davidson asked how that was possible given all the things he’s done.

Of course, the song ended with Sandler pointing out that he’s made over $4 billion at the box office and that he’s back as host, so he got the last laugh.