Dark Phoenix, Secret Life of Pets 2 bomb at the box office

In a weekend full of sequels that hit the theaters, the box office numbers for Dark Phoenix and Secret Life of Pets 2 suggest viewers were fine without.

This was a bad weekend at the box office for sequels.

Coming off of the high of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s historic dominance at the box office, a sequel-laden weekend not only didn’t muster in the same numbers as Avengers: Endgame or Captain Marvel, but it didn’t come within 20 miles of those epic films.

According to International Business Times, The Secret Life of Pets 2 was the surprise winner of the weekend, raking in just $48 million at the box office. To put this dismal number into perspective, Pets 2 grossed $46 million less than its predecessor.

Dark Phoenix, the finale of the X-Men series, truly disappointed, debuting with $33 million at the box office. In fact, it was the lowest opening weekend ever for the X-Men franchise, which tells a hidden tale of how the X-Men series has been pushed to the backburner by the MCU.

As for Pets 2, the film, which could still turn a profit thanks to its low budget (it’s Illumination), was beseeched by middling reviews, with most calling the film pretty much “uninspiring.”

That films weren’t the only ones that brought the sequel-laden weekend down he for the count. Godzilla: King of the Monsters, grossed only $15.5 million in its second weekend, a nearly 68-percent drop in box office sales. There’s no pretty way to say it, the weekend just wasn’t kind to sequels, and there is much reason to think that next weekend will be even worse.

Take Dark Phoenix for example, which according to Deadline is projected to lose between $100-to-$120 million when it’s done in first-run theaters. Godzilla will continue to bleed at the box office, and the only reason Pets 2 could turn a profit is because it didn’t cost that much to make.

The box office can be a mighty cold place.