Jermall Charlo vs. Brandon Adams: Media call highlights

NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 19: Jermall Charlo works out during MEDIA DAY at Gleason's Gym on December 19, 2018 in Brooklyn, New York. (Photo by Bill Tompkins/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 19: Jermall Charlo works out during MEDIA DAY at Gleason's Gym on December 19, 2018 in Brooklyn, New York. (Photo by Bill Tompkins/Getty Images) /

Jermall Charlo and Brandon Adams talked to the press ahead of their June 29 middleweight boxing clash. Adams is game for the challenge.

Jermall Charlo (28-0, 21 KOs) defends his interim WBC middleweight title on Saturday, June 29, against contender Brandon Adams (21-2, 13 KOs) on Showtime. Tuesday of fight week, both men, along with their trainers, conducted a media conference call. FanSided got in on the action.

On paper, Charlo is an overwhelming favorite. He’s undefeated and possesses a 3-inch height and reach advantage over the 5-foot-9 Adams. Charlo has a better résumé and record. He’s also the more devastating puncher with a 75 percent knockout rating compared to Adam’s 57 percent.

It doesn’t help that the fight is in Charlo’s hometown of Houston, Texas. However, Adams is amid a boxing resurgence. Since returning to boxing after a 3-year layoff, Adams is a perfect 4-0. He made waves while starring on and winning The Contender television series on Epix.

FanSided had a chance to ask Charlo, Adams, and legendary trainer Freddie Roach questions during Tuesday’s media call. Roach is Adams’ co-trainer. Here are some of the highlights of what they told FanSided.

FanSided (FS) talking to Brandon Adams:

FS: There are a lot of factors on paper that are against you. You’re fighting in Jermall’s backyard. You’re the smaller man and the betting underdog. How do you deal with the pressures of being an underdog, and is that a role that you embrace? 

Adams: I would have to say so far, I’ve felt pretty good about the whole write up. I haven’t let it affect me. I haven’t let it bother me. I understand what’s going on here—me fighting the champ in his back yard and everything. My whole life I was never able to really cut corners and take shortcuts. In boxing, it just kind of followed me the same way.

I don’t want it easy. In my opinion, this is the best route for me to take, fighting against a world champion, and being able to establish myself. Like I said, I see everything that Jermall and his brother did in the sport of boxing. I think that’s real dope. I like what they’ve done. I know what they mean to boxing.

With that being said, it’s going to be a pleasure to share the ring with him on Saturday.

FS: During your time with Freddie [Roach], what has Freddie added to your training? What have you taken away from his wealth of knowledge?

Adams: Freddie, him and Dub [Huntley] are just alike, but the difference I would take from Freddie and Dub is Freddie would talk to me a lot more through certain things, and Dub, kind of like everything is off reaction.

Dub has me do things without even thinking about it. It’s ultra instincts. With Freddie, he walks and talks through everything. It’s fun. I appreciate working with both of them because they both try to wear me down. It’s up to me to show that youth will prevail.

FanSided talking to Freddie Roach:

FS: During your time with Brandon, what have you seen from Brandon that catches your eye and shows you that he has what it takes to win?

Roach: Brandon’s a very good puncher. He has good power, good combinations. He’s a fitness freak.

While on The Contender show, he’s the one that got everyone else in shape. He’s a machine. We’re doing our best to beat Charlo. We’re 100 percent ready for this fight.

FanSided talking to Jermall Charlo:

FS: Jermall, on the flip side, you’re expected to win decisively. Do you feel pressure to deliver an eye-catching performance just based on the expectations that media and oddsmakers throw out there? 

Charlo: No. I never pay attention to the oddsmakers, and those guys don’t box. They don’t understand that every fight is different. I’m in for a big fight, a big night. I’m just focused on where Ronnie Shields has brought me, and this is going to be a good night. It’s gonna be a good night of boxing.

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Respectively, both Adams and Charlo seem confident in their prospects for this bout. You can watch Charlo vs. Adams on Saturday, June  29 live on Showtime beginning at 9 p.m. ET.