Why Becky Lynch on the cover of ESPN The Magazine is so important

WWE.COM courtesy Peter Yang ESPN
WWE.COM courtesy Peter Yang ESPN /

In a little less than a year Becky Lynch has proved herself to be one of the top names in sports entertainment. As the first WWE Superstar to land the cover of ESPN The Magazine’s Blockbuster Issue she continues to break new ground with no signs of slowing down.

Becky Lynch recently took to her official Twitter account, a place where she’s posted many memorable quotes, to announce her cover for ESPN The Magazine and to make a statement. Her words came not from the character, but the performer behind them as she spoke of not “accepting the status that’s given to us.”

Even when Lynch was doing very little on television she dreamed of the day she would be the face representing the business of wrestling she loves so much. Rather than take to social media or podcasts to throw a tantrum and complain about her situation, Lynch reinvented herself and put in the work to make changes that would get her to where she wanted to be. Through hard work, determination and a strong self-belief she earned her way to that very spot.

Now her celebrity status is transcending the world of professional wrestling and moving into the mainstream. In 2019 alone Lynch garnered a nod for “Best Fight” at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, an ESPY nomination for her win at WrestleMania 35, and she’s landed the cover of ESPN The Magazine alongside GLOW actress Alison Brie. Not only is this the first time for a female WWE Superstar to be featured on the cover but it’s the first time any WWE Superstar has earned that honor, male or female.

Lynch stands with Brie against dark ring ropes still wearing battle scars from the ring across her elbow, the picture of a champion who means business. Inside the issue, Lynch talks about her path to becoming WWE women’s champion, the rise of “The Man” and the impact being in her current position has on audiences. Even Brie took pause to applaud Lynch for being such an inspiration.

It’s a well-deserved acknowledgement. Lynch’s dogged determination and underdog story has struck a chord with millions of fans. The more they see her continue to shatter glass ceilings and break barriers the more they get behind her to which Lynch has often said she’s very grateful.


Even her colleagues in the ring, both past and present, took the time to congratulate Lynch for achieving such a huge accomplishment. Names like The Rock, Trish Stratus, Stone Cold Steve Austin and more all sent out a tweet or Instagram post to celebrate Lynch’s efforts with her. They know that one more door has been kicked down for future generations and that Lynch is showing no signs of stopping. If the rumors are true, she may wind up gracing another cover when WWE 2K20 drops later this year which would be the first time a female WWE Superstar appears on the cover of the popular video game franchise.

It’s safe to say that Lynch’s days of wasting away in obscurity are well behind her. Where she goes from here only she knows for sure.

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