NXT UK recap, August 14: One Step Closer

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Season Two

Hey, the Nina Samuels Show returned from hiatus! In the critically acclaimed show’s season two premiere, Nina Samuels once again faced off against Isla Dawn. Dawn has baffled Samuels previously, having earned a victory over NXT UK’s leading lady every time they met in the ring before.


Since then though, they’ve been on opposite trajectories. Samuels rose as far as challenging Toni Storm for the title, whereas Dawn was made a mere footnote in the Xia Brookside/Jinny feud.

Keeping in line with their recent histories, Samuels was able to finally best her season one tormentor, earning a pin after a Ninagoroshi. It was still a competitive match though, one that showed why Dawn has had Samuels’ number in the past. Don’t be surprised if they lock up again before the season ends.

Fans around the world rejoice, The Nina Samuels Show is officially back! Hopefully Nina won’t repeat her mistakes. Maybe we’ll finally get past this whole “will they or won’t they” drama with Nina and the NXT UK Women’s Championship. Huh? You’re shipping Nina and Tyson T-Bone for the tag titles? Interesting.