CSAC advise 6 fighters to move weight classes after UFC 241 weight issues

The California State Athletic Commission advises six fighters to move up in weight classes after UFC 241 weight issues.

Last week it was reported that 13 fighters had failed missed the mark for their fight day weigh-ins and that they could find themselves in trouble with the California State Athletic Commission. Now, news has broken which indicates that six of those fighters have been told by the CSAC they need to move up in weight. All of the fighters are now restricted from fighting in their normal weigh divisions until cleared by a CSAC doctor.

The report, which originated from public records obtained by MMAJunkie.com shows Paulo Costa, Sabina Mazo, Brandon Davis, Kyung Ho Kang, Manny Bermudez, and Sodiq Yusuff as gaining more than 15 percent of their body weight, thus being sanctioned. Costa and Davis’ overages were rounded up to 15.

  • Paulo Costa 14.9 percent (186/213.8)
  • Sodiq Yusuff 16.7 percent (145/169.2)
  • Kyung Ho Kang 15 percent (126/156.4)
  • Brandon Davis 14.7 percent (136/156)
  • Sabina Mazo 15.6 percent (126/145.6)
  • Manny Bermudez 17.7 percent (140/164.8)

In the state of California, fighters cannot gain more than 10 percent of their body weight between weigh-in day and fight night. This is done to reduce drastic weight cuts.

“If those fighters wish to fight below the weight class that CSAC moved them to, then they will have to enroll in a nutrition program and work with the (UFC Performance Institute or a similar place) to address their weight/weight gain,” CSAC representative Patrisha Blackstock told MMAJunkie. “Their nutrition program and findings from the PI will have to be sent to CSAC for review and approval before the fighters are moved down in weight class.”

Of the 13 original fighters, Bermudez was the only fighter to miss weight on Friday.

The CSAC also sanctioned Aspen Ladd after her scary UFC Sacramento weigh-in.

Costa, who is arguably the biggest name of the six, is said to already have made the decision to learn better weight cutting techniques according to his manager.