205 Live recap for September 24, 2019: Cousins Collide

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch take on Drew Gulak and Tony Nese on the September 24, 2019 edition of WWE 205 Live. Photo: WWE.com
Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch take on Drew Gulak and Tony Nese on the September 24, 2019 edition of WWE 205 Live. Photo: WWE.com /

Here’s the recap of all the high-flying action you may have missed from this week’s episode of 205 Live. Watch the Cruiserweights every Tuesday night at 8 PM ET on the WWE Network.

On Monday, Angel Garza called out his cousin (prepare yourself now for the drinking game later) Humberto Carrillo. He says Carrillo disappointed their family by losing at Clash of Champions. He wants to know if Carrillo will show up to face him.

Lio Rush returned to NXT last week to face Oney Lorcan to become the No. 1 contender for the Cruiserweight Championship. In a great showcase of what cruiserweights can do, Rush is victorious in his first match back in several months.

Gulak is The Law

Drew Gulak is surprised to see Lio Rush return, but he’ll learn what he rest know: he’s constantly evolving. Ask Oney Lorcan what’s happened when he’s faced Gulak. Lorcan brought a predictable game plan with Danny Burch. “Change is the rule” and he is “the Law,” Gulak reiterates.

Singh Brothers Speak

As cousins collide, the Singh brothers take stock of what jealousy has done to the Carrillo-Garza family. They’d never let a championship come between them, however. The Bollywood Boyz claim that they will return soon and also that they’re the best tag team on 205 Live. They’ve learned a lot from their studies. The Singh Brothers promise “lights, camera, Bollywood action.”

Humberto Carrillo vs. Angel Garza

Are your drinks ready? It’s time for the game where you take a shot every time it’s mentioned that Carrillo and Garza are cousins (bonus shot during the Singh Brothers promo). Dio Maddin says Garza pretended to not know English and took his locker. Garza feigns high-fiving the fans before turning away like the heel that he is. Aiden English mentions that Carrillo wished his cousin a happy birthday on Twitter and Garza responded by telling him he was a disappointment.

Early on, Carrillo commands the match. Both men know each other well and are a perfect match for countering each other. Garza holds his hand out and Carrillo kicks his hand away. Garza ripped his pants away before dropkicking his cousin. Maddin points out that the pants are weighted and he takes them off when he wants to do certain moves. Garza, meanwhile, has kept his cousin grounded for a majority of the match.


Garza has really shown off during this match; the fans are getting a lesson in Garza 101. Carrillo finally gets some offense and yells passionately. Now that he’s in control, the Latin Lion hits his aerial moves. It isn’t long before Garza takes control again, control that the two trade throughout. Though they both nearly get the win, ultimately Carrillo is victorious.

Why Kendrick Why?

Last week, The Brian Kendrick snapped and turned on both Jack Gallagher and Akira Tozawa.

Sarah Schreiber discusses his actions with The Brian Kendrick. He did it because of the epidemic consuming 205 Live — an “epidemic of disrespect.” They forget he’s a veteran and without him, there’s no 205 Live. He hasn’t had a championship match in three years. Tozawa is “infected” like the rest of them, so he suffered the consequences.

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch vs. Drew Gulak and Tony Nese

*Lorcan gear watch: yellow and black and matching his partner*

Burch makes his 205 Live debut by starting the match against the Cruiserweight champion. Lorcan and Burch had an intense rivalry in NXT before eventually becoming a dominant tag team. Lorcan has spent more time on 205 Live the last few months. Burch has appeared on NXT UK.

Lorcan and Burch trade turns in the ring while isolating The Law in the corner. Burch is distracted by Nese and Gulak takes advantage. Gulak and Nese gel together well when coming together for the common cause of winning. At times, they look like they’ve teamed together as much as Lorcan and Burch. Gulak pulls a page out of Lorcan’s book by biting his head.

Lorcan and Burch each put their opponents in Boston crabs, but unfortunately neither taps. Nese nearly pins Burch after a 450 Splash before Lorcan pulls Nese out of the ring. Burch yells for Lorcan to get in the ring. He puts Nese on his shoulders for Lorcan to hit an uppercut from the top rope. Somehow, Nese kicks out. Burch gets the pin in his impressive debut on the purple brand.

Will Rush be able to surprise Gulak? How will the locker room react to Kendrick’s belief that they’re disrespectful?

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