Bellator 229: Joe Schilling says anti-bullying shouldn’t just be a message for kids

Bellator 229’s Joe Schilling says anti-bullying shouldn’t just be a message for kids, parents need to learn it too.

Temecula, CA — Bellator’s Joe Schilling makes a living punching people in the face … and does it well. But when it comes to how he views the world outside the cage, he views things completely differently. A meme that Schilling shared a few weeks prior to his Bellator 229 bout with Tony Johnson got steam and thrust him into the anti-bullying spotlight, like it or not.

When FanSided spoke with Schilling shortly after, he admitted that he had never been a victim of bullying himself but felt that the feel-good message was appropriate to share not just for kids, but for adults as well.

“I think it was a great message,” Schilling told FanSided. “So I figured if I shared it, then maybe somebody else would share it and would pick up. I had no idea that it’s going to turn into what it turned into. A lot of people messaged me saying they were sharing it with their kids. But its not just for kids. If we all are just a little nicer to each other all the time … across the whole world, we might be in a little different society than we live.”

Schilling went on to point out how society tends to treat people nowadays.

“I’ve never dealt with [bullying] directly,” he said. “Obviously I’ve seen it and I’m a compassionate person. I think that everybody can appreciate or has seen some level of it. That’s not a good thing. Now I feel like kids nowadays parents are assholes and are raising little assholes, and they’re promoting to be assholes and everybody’s just the dick all the time.”

This concern that Schilling has isn’t new, he’s shared other anti-bullying memes in the past and he credits the desire to promote this cause to being a father. He steps back into the Bellator cage on Friday where he looks to go for his third win in a row.

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