UFC Washington D.C.: Jairzinho Rozenstruik scores comeback KO of Alistair Overeem

It was a bizarre last sequence involving a split lip, but Jairzinho Rozenstruik, on the edge of sure defeat, knocks out Alistair Overeem in the UFC Washington D.C. main event.

Jairzinho Rozenstruik defeated Alistair Overeem via KO, Round 5 – 4:56 at UFC Washington D.C. on Dec. 7, 2019, live from Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C.

Overeem was originally scheduled to face Walt Harris in this bout before an untimely family tragedy. Rozenstruik was losing the fight before a one-two dropped Overeem with seconds remaining. Overeem seemed to get up but stumbled, and he was spotting a noticeable split lip from the shots.

“It was a hard fight. He’s an absolutely smart guy,” Rozenstruik said. “He made me work. But still, knock him out…don’t need too much. One shot, one kill.

“I want to be back in March/April, and I want to fight this big, scary guy named Francis Ngannou. If you hear this, I hope you accept this fight. Let’s give the people a show.”


Here’s how the fight played out:

Round 1

The two go right to the center of the Octagon. Leg kick by Overeem. Leg kick by Rozenstruik. Feeling out process here in the first. Overeem grabs Rozenstruik’s leg but can’t get much going with it. Overeem landed a left. Rozenstruik landed the right jab. Both men being cautious at the moment. Leg kick by Rozenstruik. Overeem tries to go into the body but can’t get anything. Clinch, and Overeem is able to score a takedown. Overeem lands a couple of left hands on the ground. Some rights to the head of Rozenstruik. Elbow by Overeem. Some struggle and transition battles on the ground. Rozenstruk is able to get a knee up with 90 seconds left in the round, but Overeem quickly gets him back to the mat. Overeem got into side control and threw down a couple of fists. A couple of short elbows by Overeem. Overeem lands a couple of more elbows on the mat.

FanSided scores the round 10-9 Overeem

Round 2

Left jab by Rozenstruik. Some more cautious moving from both men, daring the other to move first. Overeem came forward and clinched up with Rozenstruik against the cage wall. Overeem with a knee to the thigh, keeping Rozenstruik pinned to the wall. Rozenstruik delivers a knee. Overeem throws his own knee. Grapple battle and the crowd is starting to get restless. Each man tries to get a trip and fails. Knee by Overeem. The referee is forced to eventually separate the two. Overeem goes for a high kick but doesn’t land much. Each lands a leg kick. Left and a right uppercut is blocked by Overeem. Overeem blocks another Rozenstruik right. Left hand lands on Rozenstruik’s chin, and Rozenstruik didn’t react at all. Rozenstruik came forward. Rozenstruik fired off a combination. Body kick by Overeem. Overeem answers with his own kick.

FanSided scores the round 10-9 Overeem, 20-18 Overeem overall

Round 3

Front kick and a right hand by Rozenstruik. Overeem tried to force Rozenstruik back, and Rozenstruik stuffed an Overeem takedown attempt. Another clinch against the cage. Left jab by Rozenstruik. Overeem missed a couple of lefts. Low leg kick by Overeem. Right hand by Overeem. Rozenstruik can’t connect on a couple of lefts. Both miss overhands. Left hand by Overeem. Rozenstruik landed a knee. Action is very slow this round. VERY slow. Overeem landed another left. Another clinch against the wall by Overeem. Overeem gets another takedown of Rozenstruik. Rozenstruik unsuccessfully tried a hip escape and Overeem got into half guard. Overeem again using his arm and weight to keep Rozenstruik down. Overeem landed some hard ground-and-pound in the closing seconds of the round.

FanSided scores the round 10-9 Overeem, 30-27 Overeem overall

Round 4

Overeem landed a left but missed a right. Each man threw a leg kick. Right hand by Rozenstruik. Left hand by Overeem. Right hand by Rozenstruik. One-two by Rozenstruik. Left hand by Overeem. Leg kick by Overeem. Overeem tried to get inside, but Rozenstruik pushed him off and came forward with a big flurry. Overeem is able to block some of these, however, and successfully weathered the storm. Left hand by Overeem to the head. Right hand by Overeem. Small combination by Rozenstruik. Left hand by Rozenstruik. Right hand by Overeem. Left hand by Overeem. Left hand by Rozenstruik. A couple of right hands by Overeem and he avoided a big overhand by Rozenstruik. Rozenstruik throws a big jumping kick and fires off another flurry. Rozenstruik does anther jumping kick and is forcing Overeem into retreat. Strong left hand by Overeem. Left hand by Rozenstruik. Leg kick by Overeem. Not a whole lot of landing until Rozenstruik fired a late flurry.

FanSided scores the round 10-9 Rozenstruik, 39-37 Overeem overall

Round 5

Left hand by Overeem missed. Rozenstruik missed a left and a right. Low kick by Overeem. Rozenstruik catches Overeem coming in and shoves him away. Overeem lands an overhand left and came in for yet another clinch on the cage wall. After separation, Rozenstruik landed a one-two. Rozenstruik missed a right hand. Low kick by Overeem. Rozenstruik missed an uppercut and Overeem came in for another brief clinch. Overeem is unsuccessful in pulling guard and has to avoid a right hand by Rozenstruik. Plenty of moving around here. Low kick by Overeem, which Rozenstruik unsuccessfully disputes as a low blow. Left hand by Rozenstruik, who is coming in and trying to pressure Overeem’s back to the fence. Right uppercut by Rozenstruik. Rozenstruik with a jumping knee but doesn’t land much of it. Rozenstruik missed a weak leg kick. Another brief clinch. Right hand lands for both men. Overeem landed a left jab. Rozenstruik with a sudden one-two and OVEREEM IS DROPPED! Overeem gets up, but Dan Miragliota steps in! Weird finish. On replay we can see Overeem’s lip GET SPLIT ON THE ONE-TWO! Miragliota may have stepped in because of that and Overeem’s stumbling. What a strange ending, and yet, what a come-from-behind KO win for Rozenstruik!

Overeem was the No. 1 heavyweight contender before he suffered devastating KO/TKO losses to Francis Ngannou at UFC 218 and Curtis Blaydes at UFC 225. Since then and entering tonight, however, Overeem has rebounded with first-round finishes of Sergei Pavlovich and Alexey Oleynik.

Rozenstruik has made quite the impact since making his UFC debut earlier this year. A former kickboxer who only turned to MMA full-time in 2017, Rozenstruik finished Junior Albini at UFC Fortaleza in February, knocked out Allen Crowder in nine seconds at UFC Greenville and knocked out Andrei Arlovski at last month’s UFC 244.

UFC Washington D.C. took place on Saturday, Dec. 7, 2019, live from Capital One Arena in Washington D.C. Follow along with FanSided MMA for all your live results and highlights.

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