10 spoiler-filled Funko Pops! we want from The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker had some pretty great moments and excellent character reveals. Now that we’ve seen the movie, we’d love to see these moments as Funko Pops!.

Warning! Major spoilers for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker follow.

The Star Wars universe is a collector’s dream, and the playing field is wide open when it comes to Funko Pops!. Funko’s already released its first wave of Funko Pops in stores now, but most of those are for the relatively obvious characters and costumes in The Rise of Skywalker. Of course, they have to play it safe during the first wave because they don’t want to spoil anything for us fans. (Cough, still mad about Baby Yoda, though.)

Nonetheless, there was so much packed into The Rise of Skywalker that wasn’t captured in the first few sets of Pops! that were released from Funko. There were a lot of cool moments that didn’t make it into the trailer, and those definitely deserve to be immortalized in Pop! form.

And thus, we present our wishlist of next-wave Funko Pops! based on all the spoilers we now know about Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker.

1. Yellow lightsaber Rey

Of course, we’ve got Rey wielding her blue lightsaber as a Pop! As well as a Dark Rey Funko Pop! coming in the new year. But at the end of the movie, we saw Rey’s new yellow lightsaber, seemingly forged from her old staff. It’d be the perfect way to commemorate her as a new Skywalker.

2. Babu Frik

Just like with the case of Baby Yoda, the adorable Babu Frik deserves more time in the spotlight, too. Maybe they didn’t know if audiences would be so receptive to him, but we definitely think he deserves a lot of love.

3. Blue lightsaber Ben Solo

This would be a major spoiler, but it still deserves a Pop!. Kylo Ren redeemed himself and returned back to his real self, Ben Solo. For those who are in favor of “Bendeption,” it would definitely be worth honoring his sacrifice to the Light in a little Funko Pop! form.

4. Two lightsabers Rey

While we’re talking about lightsaber variants, let’s also have a Rey wielding both lightsabers during her battle with Emperor Palpatine. She’s our space hero, and seeing her with crossed lightsabers will help us all remember the time she brought peace back to the galaxy.

5. General Leia

Honestly, can we just get some more General Leia? It’d be a wonderful way to honor Carrie Fischer’s final appearance in the Skywalker saga, and (no lie) it’d be super cute to place her next to blue lightsaber Ben and Han Solo.

6. Force ghost Luke

Thankfully, Mark Hamill returned as Luke Skywalker in this movie. And while some predicted that he would return as a Force ghost (Hamill was practically telling us himself), that was still something meant to be kept secret. Now that the cat’s out the bag, a blue, possibly transparent Force ghost Luke Skywalker would be totally awesome to have.

7. Emperor Palpatine

Ah yes, Emperor Palpatine’s appearance was shrouded in mystery as well. And his actual appearance in the film had been heavily kept under wrap. But seeing him for the first time resurrected, audiences were in for a sure spook. Resurrected Palpatine is menacing and scary, and he’d look great next to iconic horror figures like IT or The Nun.

8. Dominic Monaghan

Did Dominic Monaghan’s character even have a name? I’m not saying (*reads IMDb credits*) Beaumont deserves a Funko Pop!. But they put him in the movie so much for no reason that it’s kind of like, sure, let’s give Beaumont a Pop!, why not? I’m pretty sure he even had more lines than Rose in this one…

9. Moment: Death Star wreckage battle

We’ve seen it all over the promotional materials, Rey and Kylo Ren at odds, dueling across the Death Star wreckage together. Funko definitely doesn’t have to wait to put this Movie Moment out as it’s plastered pretty much everywhere in trailers and posters. (Though, we’re sure Reylo fans may opt for “The Kiss” as a Movie Moment instead.)

10. Chewbacca with medal

A the end of A New Hope, everyone got a medal but Chewbacca. Rude. Finally, J.J. Abrams corrected that, allowing Chewbacca to finally get the medal he deserved. Out of the original Episode IV heroes, he’s the only one left standing after all this. So let’s make sure Funko does him right by letting Chewie’s Pop! pose with his new, heroic medal.

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What character variants or moments would you like to see as Funko Pops! from The Rise of Skywalker? Let us know in the comments.

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