LSU vs. Clemson: 10 best bets for NCAA National Championship Game

The 10 best bets for the National Championship Game between LSU and Clemson. There is money to be won so make sure to follow these tips.

Clemson comes into the National Championship as the best team in college football in terms of return on investment. They beat the spread in 11 of their 14 games, the best record against the spread in the country. This is also the first time all season that Clemson is an underdog, and they are getting 5.5 points on a neutral field.

Based on the spreads, two things are obvious. The oddsmakers absolutely love LSU, and they think this game is going to be an absolute shootout. Bettors can take advantage of it. These 10 bets are where your money should go.

First team to 10 points LSU (-170)

LSU is an absolute monster in the first half. Not only were they the first team to score 10 points in their last game against Oklahoma, but they scored 21 points in the first quarter. No team has scored more first-half point than LSU this season. The odds on this bet aren’t great, but we’ve seen LSU go out to a hot start against just about everyone. If you want to go really bold, nobody scoring 10 points is +10,000. As Kevin Malone from The Office once said, you always take 10,000/1 odds. This isn’t necessarily that, but it’s close enough.

Clemson Over 15.5 first half (-120)

If LSU is scoring in bunches in the first half, we have to think that Clemson is going to score a lot to start too, right? We at least see Clemson getting a lot of opportunities to score in the first half, and they just need two touchdowns and a field goal to beat this line. Something tells us we will see a lot of first-quarter scoring, then slowing down incredibly ending the half somewhere in the 21-17 range.

LSU first half (-3.5)

And if LSU is up 21-17 going into halftime, that means they win this bet as well. This also has the possibility that LSU goes on a run as they did in the first half against Texas, Alabama, Georgia and Oklahoma. If anything, LSU is always allowing teams to come back in games, but they are building leads in the first half.

3 unanswered scores NO (+275)

If this is going to be a back-and-forth affair like everyone claims, do we really see either team scoring three in a row? This is a scary bet, not going to lie to you, and we wouldn’t venture a big bet on this, but +275 is a very nice number. Clemson did allow four straight scores against Ohio State, so again this is a scary bet, but that number tells us it’s worth the chance.

Longest touchdown scored Under 66.5 (-120)

Trevor Lawrence has a ridiculous arm. He can throw the ball 70 yards if he really needed to. That being said, he’s only had one game where he had a passing play that went over 66 yards. Joe Burrow had two such games for LSU, although both have multiple other games with 60+ yard plays. We feel like these two defenses are going to be looking for the all-out play, and will have defenses to stop them.

Under 69.5 (-110)

This is the simple “under” bet. 70 is a huge number to ask from two teams, no matter how good their offenses are. Clemson has the best scoring defense in the league, allowing just 11.5 points per game. LSU allows just over 21 points per game. Could these two offenses score 35 points apiece and get the over? Sure. Will they? We really don’t see it going that way.

Score in the first 5 minutes NO (EVEN)

Last week against Oklahoma was the first time this season LSU scored in the first five minutes against a ranked opponent. Clemson allowed an opening-drive field goal against the Buckeyes, but these things are fluky. The fact that a bettor can get even money on this makes it worth it.

Under 54.5 total first downs (-120)

This is a bet we are very confident in. The Clemson Tigers only allow 13.6 first downs per game. LSU allows 18.6 per game. That equals just 32.2 first downs between the two of them. Even if you take the first downs of their offense, these two teams combine for 54, which would be under their average. These two defenses are better than the defenses they’ve faced for most of the season, and we don’t see long, sustained drives where a team can get four or five first downs.

Team to call first timeout Clemson (-120)

This one is a long shot, and maybe the odds aren’t good enough to take a chance on it, but when looking at all the options for who is going to take the first timeout, going with the ACC Champion seems like the most logical bet. Clemson is the team more likely to get off to the slow start. LSU has punched teams in the mouth on more than one occasion. Clemson could be spending time trying to score at the end of the half. LSU might not even use a first-half timeout if things go the way the oddsmakers think they will.

LSU (-5.5)

We will end with the line on the game. According to The Action Network, LSU is getting 5.5 points on most books. If the line moves to 6.5, as some books have it, it will be hard to bet against the Clemson Tigers. As it currently stands, we have the utmost trust in LSU to put up a ton of points. Clemson has played with fire at times this season, including against Ohio State, but it finally catches up to them here. LSU is the better team this season, and they win in considerable fashion.

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