Bachelor Mailbag: Bold predictions, front-runners and the return of Ashley P?

With a new Bachelor season comes a handful of questions. The first Bachelor mailbag aims to answer all… well, most of them.

In the first mailbag of Pete Weber’s season of The Bachelor, we’re hitting all of the hot button issues. The first episode of the season had a little bit of everything, including some creative introductions, a couple of interesting reunions, and a cow on the brink of superstardom.

In this mailbag, we’re going to tackle Ashley P, potential new rules, a bold prediction, Peter’s not one, but two reunions and more. There’s a lot worth exploring and we’re only one week into the season.

Thank you to everyone who sent in questions. If you’re reading this and would like to participate throughout the season, email your questions to [email protected] Between the mailbag and FanSided’s new Bachelor podcast, Can I Steal You For A Second? featuring Dustin Kendrick and FanSided’s Ashley Young, available on Apple and Google podcasts.

Let’s dive in!

“Have we seen the last of Ashley P?”  – Sarah

For this Bachelor season? Most likely. But our girl Ashley P is poised for a return for Bachelor in Paradise this summer. I honestly wouldn’t be shocked in the slightest if Jenna shows up in Paradise with Ashley P (or another cow that looks very similar).

“If you could make a new ‘rule’ for the show, what would it be?” – Ashlynn

I’ve talked about this before. It’s stupid and would never work, as the show is not aired live, but having a Bachelor battle back would be sweet. If fans could pick one contestant who was sent home on the first night, give them a “fan rose” and drop them back into the competition somehow, that would be incredible.

In a way, Bachelor in Paradise makes up for that. Fan favorites like Grocery Store Joe, Old Matt Donald and Jenna (with Ashley P) next season are prime examples of how we get this option anyway.

Another fun rule would be to have each contestant spend a week living with the Bachelor/ette’s family without the bachelor or bachelorette there. Not only would this make for great television, but it would also help contestants figure out if their potential in-laws are going to be a deal-breaker. For the record, no one could possibly dislike Pete’s parents, Barbara and Peter Sr.

“If you had ‘met’ Peter before filming (like Kelley in the hotel), would you tell the other contestants or keep it to yourself?” – Jenna K.

Keep it to myself! This is an easy way to paint a big ol’ target on your back on night one. Personally, I’d build a relationship with the girls before letting that secret out. That being said, Kelley is a lawyer, and is most likely waaaay smarter than I am, so it’s hard to imagine that she didn’t know what she was doing. At a bare minimum, it was a huge flex on her part.

“What is your bold prediction for this season?” – Max 


Let’s play it out. We’ve been told this season ends like no other season has before. Reality Steve doesn’t even know what happens which, I’m told, is pretty unusual. What if Pete goes through the motions all season but can’t shake his love for Hannah? When mama Barbara was seen in the preview crying, saying “bring her home to us,” maybe she was talking about Hannah BEAST!

This theory will most likely be debunked on Monday when they talk for a little longer and find closure, but hey — it would be pretty bold if she came back for a third time!

“If your ex became the Bachelor, do you think you would be able to watch the season?” – Shannon

If my ex became The Bachelorette, I would wait until the season started filming then show up and tell her I’m actually not over her yet. OH SNAP! Too soon?

“What would your intro be? How soon is too soon to go in for that first kiss?” – Jessica

I would roll up in a pair of slick Heelys with a sign that read: “I’m Heely into you.” I would have a fresh box of Heelys for the Bachelorette so we could heely together later that evening. Always provide yourself a second chance to see them, like Alayah with her grandmother’s note.

I would cut in on the third person who took her aside by asking, “Can I heel you for a second?” Then we would heely off into the night and the show would be canceled because the bachelorette and I would fall in love immediately.

Awesome, right? In reality, I’d probably get sh*thoused in the limo and make a fool of myself. The bachelorette would send me home night one, wondering why I chose to do a Gary Busey impersonation as my introduction. But it wasn’t an impersonation. I just have no self-control when it comes to drinking in strange or unusual social settings.

As for the kiss, I’ll leave this question for Dustin to answer on the second episode of Can I Steal You For A Second? coming out next week.

“Is there currently a front-runner, in your opinion?” – Cat (Thanks, mom.) 

After her “hometown” wedding date, Madison has to be the current front-runner. She vibed very well with Pete’s friends and family. She was so comfortable in that setting that you’d think they had met before. Speaking of meeting before…

Kelley has to be the current front-runner. She met Pete at the same hotel they had their group date in. The date on which she received the group date rose. She also showed that she’ll do anything to win when she made her own rules to the race. Can’t knock her for it; Pete didn’t seem to care. Speaking of care…

Hannah B still cares deeply for Pete. She has to be the current front-runner. Pete was on the fence between inviting her into the competition and shutting the whole thing down. It’s clear he still has strong feelings for her as well. Speaking of… No, I’m kidding.

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The Bachelor airs Monday evenings at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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