1917 will sweep and four more BAFTA bets to place this week

We’re back with the best pop culture betting odds. This week, we’ll look at the odds for the BAFTAs.

The British are coming, and they’re bringing their version of the Academy Awards with them.

Oh, you didn’t know our friends from across the pond had their own prestigious night in the film industry? Well, as the old NBC ad would go, the more you know! Called the British Academy Film Awards, the BAFTA Awards have long been on par with the Oscars and Golden Globes as one of the most coveted trophies in film.

Now that the odds for the BAFTA have been released, let’s take a look at the betting lines to see which film has the best chance to clean up in the land of crumpets and tea, thanks to My Bookie.

5. Best Leading Actor: Joaquin Phoenix (-1500)

I (correctly) predicted that Joaquin Phoenix would get all sorts of award nominations for his spectacular portrayal of The Joker; and wouldn’t you know, he now has, by far, the best odds to take home a BAFTA for Best Leading Actor. No other actor comes close to Phoenix’s -1500 odds, and rightfully so.

4. Best Leading Actress: Renee Zellweger (-1200)

Although this category is a bit more contending than Best Leading Actor, one still has to have a strong belief that the oddsmakers are getting it right with Renee Zellweger’s -1200 odds to take home the BAFTA. While it’s still technically possible that Charlize Theron or Scarlett Johansson could pull an upset, Zellweger is the favorite and should be counted on as such.

3. Best Director: Sam Mendes (-700)

Oh my God, does it seem like 1917 just came out of nowhere to dominate the award nominations on both sides of the pond? Sam Mendes’ portrayal of the first great war is nothing short of a masterpiece, and it has certainly snatched some of the Oscar buzz away from The Irishman.

2. Best Film: 1917 (-150)

Here it is again, the World War I epic that has caught Hollywood and award nominators by complete surprise. This may be a stretch for some, but 1917 could rival Saving Private Ryan for being the best war drama ever made, and at -150 odds, 1917 should be favored to take home a BAFTA.

1. 1917 gaining on Once Upon A Time in Hollywood back home

While 1917 is turning out to be the runaway favorite to win the BAFTA, it still trails Once Upon a Time In Hollywood (+125) here at home. However, it’s been closing the gap in recent weeks, and sitting at +185 odds and given the considerable amount of buzz surrounding the film, one should no longer be dissuaded with placing their best on this masterpiece of a war film.

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