HBO makes Curb Your Enthusiasm great again with gut-busting season 10 premiere

Curb Your Enthusiasm returned to HBO after a three-year hiatus, and the series starring Seinfeld creator Larry David is just as brutally funny as ever.

The HBO comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm made its triumphant return, and the series has not skipped a beat. Curb Your Enthusiasm is back and better than ever in its tenth season, and the relentless premiere pulled no punches when it came to the show’s signature style of humor.

The series is notoriously known for its winning formula that has resulted in almost a decade of side-splitting moments from everyone’s favorite train wreck. Instead of going with the scripted format that other comedies like Veep or Barry utilize, Curb just uses an outline, and the actors improvise the dialogue. The spontaneity makes the show easily stand out from other comedies as a merciless laugh riot, and the season 10 debut wastes no time in giving the people exactly what they came to see.

Right from the get-go, fans are reintroduced to David’s intriguing perspective on things with his right-hand man, comedian J.B. Smoove. The episode opened on them walking down the street, breaking selfie sticks, and knocking over scooters while discussing each other’s skin tones. The two modern-day philosophers came to the magnificent conclusion that white people are the same shade as the likes of oatmeal or porridge — fascinating stuff to kick things off.

And the fun didn’t stop there. Curb Your Enthusiasm continued to address several other important issues in its own unique way throughout the premiere. When David and his manager Jeff Greene saw someone with a MAGA hat on, it gave David the idea that he can wear the hat to avoid unwanted interactions with people he doesn’t care for.

He realizes a lot of people have that feeling when they see those ridiculous red hats, and of course, a guy like David would find a way to take advantage of that. He gets outs of a meeting with someone who he botched the “big goodbye” with and even got out of an altercation with a motorcyclist who backed off after he realized he was a fellow Trump supporter.

Trump wasn’t the only big issue Curb went after. The show ended up tackling the #MeToo movement the only way David knows how: like a blundering idiot. A dog eating food out of a cereal bowl and a simple desire for pigs in a blanket led to some awkward sexual misunderstandings. It also didn’t help the fact that everyone kept mistaking Jeff for Harvey Weinstein, whom he actually does bear a slight resemblance.

But it wasn’t all bad with the ladies for David. After he did a fun skit at a party with his ex-wife Cheryl, the two ended up in bed together once again. Cheryl admitted she’s attracted to David because she feels morally superior, which he not only understood but hilariously claimed that many people think this way about him. This steamy affair hit a breaking point when Cheryl had an allergic reaction to talcum powder David used on his private parts.

Then, of course, there was the business at Mocha Joe’s. This coffee establishment had inferior scones and cold coffee. So, of course, in true Curb fashion, David got himself banned from the establishment for letting the owner know his opinions. This led David to lease the space next to the shop in an attempt to put Joe out of business. Same ole’ petty Larry David.

From wobbly table debates to jostling fetuses, there was no shortage of priceless moments that would make you cringe as well as laugh out loud. It really feels like the series never left, and in a time where the world just keeps getting crazier and crazier, we need Curb Your Enthusiasm more than ever.

This was a solid start to what promises to be another genius installment of awkward, amusing antics that fans have been missing in their life since 2017. It will undoubtedly see several celebrity guests stop by and join in on all the fun Curb Your Enthusiasm has to offer, making the latest chapter of Larry David’s extraordinary legacy one that fans everywhere will not want to miss.

Curb Your Enthusiasm airs Sundays on HBO.

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