Martha Stewart probably thinks your sheets stink

There’s a decent chance whatever you’re doing with your bedsheets, Martha Stewart hates it.

If you want to know how much Martha Stewart is at being the ultimate lifestyle figure, take this story Stewart shared on what she did before her flight to Miami. In the early hours of the morning, Stewart woke up to make breakfast for everyone on her flight. That included making warm sourdough bread, boiled eggs and bread pudding among other things — all before making her 8 o’clock flight. That’s dedication.

But Stewart isn’t only dedicated to the lifestyle sector. She’s also a pretty big sports fan, and she says she’s devoted to going to all the “last competitions.” Make that the World Series, Wimbledon, and (of course) the Super Bowl. In fact, Stewart’s such a fan that she’s been to the Super Bowl at least 20 times.

That, on top of her love for cooking, made her the perfect star for Tostitos’ new take on a Super Bowl-ready snack combo: chips and salsa. And who better to do it with than one of her best buddies, Snoop Dogg?

Stewart, who was in Miami for the Super Bowl, told FanSided in the commercial, “[Snoop Dogg] does the chips, and I do the avocado salsa.” Stewart also said PepsiCo, Tostitos’ parent company, “is putting forth and sells, at this time of year for the Super Bowl, 500 million pounds of snacks.” How’s that for Super Bowl stats?

For the commercial, she joked that like herself, Snoop Dogg could be a little difficult to work with sometimes. But, most importantly, he’s so much fun to work with.

With Stewart doing so much these days, she’s surely got more on her plate, right? Of course! Currently, Stewart’s working on a line of CBD skincare products. “There’s some very good things in the hemp plant that really helps your skin… it’s calming, soothing,” Stewart said. “And so I’m working on four really good products that you’ll see soon.”

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Keep an eye out for Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg this Sunday in the two’s Tostitos Super Bowl ad.

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