Lil Nas X says it’s his dream to collaborate with Rihanna and we are so here for it

Lil Nas X keeps the hits coming, and he already has his next dream collaboration in line. He spoke to FanSided to reveal who it is.

Fresh off the Grammys last Sunday, Lil Nas X is showing no sign of slowing down. After winning two Grammys for “Old Town Road” and performing with the likes of Billy Ray Cyrus, BTS and Nas, it’s only natural to wonder who the country-rap artist is going to team up with next. And now, Lil Nas X is revealing to FanSided who his dream collaboration is.

So, who would he dream of making his next big hit with? “My next dream collaboration probably would be like… a dope pop song with Rihanna,” he told FanSided.

Rihanna has been teasing new music for a while now; it’s been four years since her last album, Anti, came out. So hopefully Lil Nas X will get to be part of the Rihanna 2K20 revival.

Of course, a Rihanna collaboration wouldn’t be the only thing to top off his already-great 2020. And for what looks like two weeks in a row, Lil Nas X is about to have the best Sunday of his life. The singer’s teamed up with his “Old Town Road” remix partner Billy Ray Cyrus to appear in this year’s Doritos Super Bowl commercial. For him, the commercial was fun to shoot, and it even made him feel like he was back on the set for the “Old Town Road” music video.

With his rise in fame over the last year, Lil Nas X has also been open about his identity, serving as a role model for everyone. On the subject, the rapper said: “I just feel like it’s important, especially for the upcoming generation to know — of course everybody always says it — but it’s cool to just be yourself in whatever way you want to. And I’m happy to be one of those role models or something like that.”

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Naturally, now that he’s officially part of Super Bowl 54, we had to ask him who he’d be rooting for. He jokingly said Doritos, but he’s sort of rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs. You can root along with Lil Nas X for the Chiefs and catch him in the Doritos commercial this Sunday, Feb. 2 during the Super Bowl.