Baby Yoda vs. Baby Nut: A serious debate over who’s cuter

The world has baby fever right now, and newcomer Baby Nut is coming to take the crown away from long-standing champ Baby Yoda. Can he do it?

For several months now, the internet’s child has been one being and one being only: Baby Yoda. Call him the Child, call him Madno Jr. Call him what you like. But there’s no one who can take the spotlight away from this green, little bug-eyed cuteness factory.

That is until Planters came at all of Lucasfilm from the side yesterday with the unveiling of their redefined mascot, Baby Nut — introduced to us all in quite the Super Bowl commercial. This allergy-inducing bundle of joy might be something to gush over, but is it really cuter than Our Holy One, Baby Yoda? Let’s debate.

Baby Nut

This bundle of joy from a bushel of peanuts  — birthed by the miraculous tears of the Kool-Aid man nonetheless — is currently starring in one of the top 10 trending videos on YouTube at the time of writing this. That’s a lot of power for one tiny creature. But let’s break down the cuteness factors we’ve got going on:

  • An adorable oversized hat
  • Anime eyes as large as the sun itself
  • A lil’ gourd-shaped body
  • Gloves! And dress-up shoes!
  • Can speak dolphin???

Not half bad, Baby Nut. But can we address the dark side of your origins? First of all, and I say this with a straight face in all professionalism, you’ve risen from the dead! You are Mr. Peanut reincarnate. That’s a little scary. We watched Mr. Peanut sacrifice his life last week, and now you’re telling us that he’s back? I don’t think I trust the black magic that swirls in the tears of the Kool-Aid man. On top of that, what’s up with the grown-man voice? You are but a child now. Sound like it!

Also: as if you don’t need any more nightmare fuel, the Baby Nut Twitter account released a four-hour live stream of nothing but Baby Nut that’s creepier than those YouTube Kids animated music videos. Please watch at your own distressingly delightful discretion.

Baby Yoda

Onto Baby Yoda, who is the reigning champ of taking the internet by storm with its cuteness. Disney+ got more than they bargained for when they introduced Baby Yoda to the world in The Mandalorian. And while some internet memes are here today, gone tomorrow, Baby Yoda had a great run because The Mandalorian was released weekly. That way, we had weeks upon weeks of great Baby Yoda memes to run with. Baby Yoda taking a sip out of that little mug? *Chef’s kiss.* Perfection.

Here’s what Baby Yoda’s working with:

  • Green
  • Adventurous and curious but not in an annoying way
  • Great size for being picked up
  • Can use the Force
  • Cute, big ol’ eyes that can probably see into your soul
  • Green (worth mentioning again)

That’s it. Maybe, maybe Baby Yoda’s only flaw is that he kind looks like a tiny little old man Yoda. But that’s only if you stare at him for too long! Otherwise, Baby Yoda faults: zero. It doesn’t get any better than this, folks!


As much as viral marketing likes to play hardball to stay afloat and relevant (because honestly, no one cared about Mr. Peanut prior to last week), Planters did a good job of making Baby Nut a viral sensation. It’s clear this was all well-planned out, but it’s hard to dethrone a king.

Baby Yoda definitely is still the internet’s child, and it will remain that way for a long time to come. Baby Yoda’s got a TV series, toys, shirts… the whole brand deal. Will Baby Nut even be included on peanut packaging, or are they just going to continue to let adult Mr. Peanut stake his claim?

Truly, if we’re really talking about the King of Babies, we have to give an honorable mention to Baby Groot. Yes, Baby Groot crawled so Baby Yoda could walk. And to that, we give him a tiny, baby salute.