Rules are meant to be broken: Dustin and Shea talk The Bachelor episode 5

Dustin and Shea break down all the drama, tears and accusations in The Bachelor’s three-hour episode 5 on Can I Steal You for a Second?

Three hours of The Bachelor? The first “half” of a two part week with a second two hour episode on Wednesday? Challenge accepted. If Peter and company can generate this much drama, we can break it down.

Cue up the latest episode of Can I Steal You for a Second? and let Dustin and Shea recap The Bachelor episode 5, talk travel tips and unpack this season’s tendency to reward bad behavior.

Can I Steal You for a Second? Episode 5: Honey, rules are meant to be broken

Dustin and guest host Shea talk The Bachelor’s three-hour extravaganza, featuring Costa Rica, a Cosmopolitan cover shoot and never-ending rounds of Tammy vs. Kelsey.

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