Jeff Carter got toilet paper delivered from a teammate via drone

The future is now, and Jeff Carter has taken full advantage of it, with the help of teammate Alex Iafallo… and a drone.

Toilet paper is a scarce commodity in these trying times. Hoarding the item is a bad idea, especially because you do not need that much toilet paper to live, but you do need it to go about your daily business.

Los Angeles Kings forward Jeff Carter has, like the rest of us, found this out thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. With stores closing and hoarding having taken place weeks ago now with most of the world social distancing for the foreseeable future, it can be difficult to acquire basic commodities.

Carter, however, got extra assistance from Kings teammate Alex Iafallo — and a drone! — as the forward was essentially airmailed a roll of toilet paper on Sunday.

That, right there, is technology and ingenuity at its finest. It’s not a very effective setup, as the canister held one roll and could, at max, hold two. Drones like that aren’t meant to carry heavy objects — unlike Amazon’s drone delivery service — but it is an incredibly amusing means of delivering one roll of toilet paper.

Carter and Iafallo have teamed up in the past for some great goals with the Kings in recent seasons, but this venture may be their greatest tag team effort yet.

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