Breaking Bad parody video shows us where all the toilet paper is

Store shelves are short on toilet paper during the current coronavirus crisis, but fortunately, there’s a Breaking Bad parody video to show us where it’s all gone.

As the coronavirus crisis has become more and more concerning, store shelves are short on paper products as people panic-buy toilet paper in particular. Thankfully, we have a video parody of one of the most memorable scenes from Breaking Bad to give an answer as to where all the toilet paper has gone.

In the plot of the show, Skyler White (Anna Gunn)  takes a primary role in laundering the money her husband, Walter White (Bryan Cranston), makes from cooking meth through a car wash operation. Unseen prior to the memorable scene, she begins to stockpile extra cash that she can’t account for in a storage locker. (Better keep paying that monthly payment, lest you have operations akin to those on Storage Wars come to bid on the unit).

Skyler asks Walter to go for a drive with her, and she opens up the storage unit to reveal an epic pile of cash stacked high and wide.

Courtesy of YouTuber Double Parker, the cash has been substituted for one of society’s rarest commodities right now in a well-done parody video. There’s even a bit of a pseudo-PSA at the end.

In the caption for the video, the creator cited a real-life scene that has surely played out similarly in a lot of places as the inspiration.

“After seeing a fight break out between two mothers over a single packet of toilet paper, I figured it was time to make this video. I’m also a huge Breaking Bad fan and this seemed like the perfect mix while adding in just a bit of social commentary to help taper the anxiety levels out there. 🙂 Be safe!”

Here’s the original scene from the show.

Some other Breaking Bad parodies involving the cash pile are out there, to further link the show to the toilet paper shortage. But there you have it, “Walter Wipe” is the hoarder we’ve all been looking for.