Belgravia is a reliable replacement for Downton Abbey

The next addictive period piece for audiences to obsess over and fill the void left by Downton Abbey is, without a doubt, Epix’s Belgravia.

For those looking for their next historical period piece to replace Downton Abbey, then look no further than the brand new Epix original series Belgravia. The well-crafted affair has everything very on par with what fans expect, including impressive production design, incredibly authentic costumes and irresistibly genuine dialogue that transports viewers back in time with every frame.

Based on the novel written by the series scribe Julian Fellowes, this enthralling endeavor follows two women of every different stations who are, against their will, thrown together by mutual interest and a dark secret. The alluring story revolves around the Trenchards, a mild-mannered family that rose to power in the aftermath of the Battle of Waterloo, who inexplicably find themselves still dealing with the fallout from the fateful event that occurred before that skirmish went down.

Like any addiction, it slowly starts to take over one’s concentration, and then before anyone notices, it’s taken over all of your focus. It becomes difficult to look away as the story unfolds from aristocratic bore to game-changing scandal. The controversies involve a false marriage, illegitimate pregnancy and the revelation of it all could have shocking ramifications on the elite society of London. Seeing how it will all conclude will quickly rise to the top of any fan’s priority list.

Fellowes tends to make his female characters much more interesting than the male roles in his stories, and Belgravia is an excellent example of this notion. The series leads Tamsin Gregg and Harriet Walter are very similar to Downton Abbey’s Maggie Smith and Penelope Wilton, the only difference is that in the Epix series these two prominent ladies are at the center of the captivating story.

The one thing more riveting than the story or the triumph in the realm of attention to detail is the performances. The series features an all-star cast, including names like Alice Eve and Tom Wilkinson. Still, the two leading ladies are the ones to watch out for that give this engrossing Epix original an edge over the competition.

Walter, who fans will recognize as Logan Roy’s ex-wife on the Golden Globe winnings HBO series Succession and Dasha in the new season of Killing Eve brings her A-game in Belgravia. The veteran actress’ many roles in several other critically acclaimed blasts from the past has significantly prepared her to give an exemplary performance as Caroline, Countess of Brockenhurst in the Epix series.

Tamsin Greig, the BAFTA-nominated actress from the Showtime series Episodes, is the real standout of Belgravia by far. This role allows her to showcase her skills brilliantly, and her turn as Anne Trenchard will undoubtedly receive attention come awards season.

Belgravia doesn’t stray too far from what the fans of this genre expect in their shows every week. The signature clash of love over logic, status over passion, and duty over dreams run rampant throughout the thoughtful narrative. The tension and twists are just enough to keep fans coming back for more as well as enough of an incentive for newcomers of the genre to take a chance on.

Like Downton Abbey, heirs to estates, business ventures, and casual glimpses into the servants quarters also make up this series, but it all is put together in a much more concise manner. Because of the fact that this is a miniseries and not a long-running program, the show sets out with a clear ending in sight, therefore allowing for a more cleanly structured storyline.

Basically, if Downton Abbey was a long relationship for viewers that were saddened to see it go, Belgravia proves early on that it is the necessary rebound needed to help get over the loss of the PBS series. All in all, the series is a clean, precise and gorgeously realized Epix original that fans of compelling period dramas will not want to miss.