Survivor Winners at War: Don’t lose sight of the fire tokens

With advantages coming into play in a big way in the most recent episode, the war has officially begun on Survivor: Winners at War.

Episode 10 of Survivor: Winners at War started off on an incredibly heartwarming note, as it was the loved ones visit. This time around, it was more than just one loved one, but entire families coming to visit their Survivor winner.

In an opening sequence that took 15 minutes and eventually concluded with Jeff Probst telling everyone that there would be no challenge and everyone got to spend time with their families, this episode had the feel of one that would put the “war” part of the title to the side for yet another week.

While the war didn’t begin until the final minutes of the episode, it’s officially on now in Winners at War. Players have started utilizing their advantages and when they all come out at the same tribal council, it’s on.

Three advantages were used in Wednesday’s episode. Here was what were used in the order they were used:

  • Jeremy – Safety Without Power
  • Sarah – Steal a Vote
  • Kim – Hidden Immunity Idol

It started with both Jeremy and Sarah hesitating to announce their advantage to Jeff while trying to gauge whether the other’s advantage would mean they wouldn’t have to use theirs. This went on for a bit until Jeremy finally decided he wasn’t going to chance it and bolted using his advantage. “Safety without power” ensured he’d be safe, but it also meant he didn’t get to vote and that put his temporary alliance of him, Denise, Kim, Michele and Tyson in a bind.

Jeremy not being apart of the vote made many assume that Sarah wouldn’t have to use her advantage, but she decided to do so anyway. Once Sarah announced she was stealing Denise’s vote, the easy assumption was that the power alliance of Sarah, Sophie, Ben, Nick and Tony would be using their strengthened number advantage to vote out Denise and Kim.

Then, after the votes had been cast, Kim joined the advantage party and played her hidden immunity idol, after much thought, for Denise. When it was all said and done, only two votes went to Denise and Tyson was voted out for a second time.

The advantages are officially in play and with fewer players remaining, they’ll continue to be a vital part of the game. After these three advantages, there aren’t many currently remaining in the game, but that could easily change.

As of now, there are just two advantages remaining: Sophie’s hidden immunity idol that she found in episode 5 right after the tribe swap and Michele’s coin she acquired via Parvati on the Edge of Extinction.

While these are the only current advantages, we’d be foolish to think it’ll stay that way. Since Kim played her immunity idol, another will surely be made available and the voted off contestants will continue to offer up advantages to the remaining castaways.

That brings us to the next point, which is just how important fire tokens will be in the coming episodes. We’ve seen them come into play, like when Michele gave Wendell one as a sign of trust and Denise gave one to Sandra in exchange for an idol (that she then used to vote Sandra out), but otherwise fire tokens have been used to buy advantages.

Nick said something in the very first episode to the effect of whoever could figure out the proper way to use their fire tokens would likely be the last one standing and that’s definitely going to be something to fixate on in these final four episodes. With just nine contestants remaining, it’s harder to hide and every single one of these players is a threat because they won the game before, so you can’t rule anyone out from going on a run.

Advantages and fire tokens are going to be THE storyline moving forward. As of now, Denise, Nick, and Tony lead the pack with three fire tokens each while Jeremy, Kim and Sophie each have two. Ben and Sarah have one a piece while Michele would have had the most, but spent all four of them on her coin flip advantage.

Don’t be surprised when Denise, Jeremy, or Kim get offered the next advantage because those on the Edge of Extinction are on the jury and therefore know what’s happening and who is at the bottom. If any of those three are gifted with an advantage, they have a great chance of shaking this game up and going on a run.

The party is getting started and the war is on in Survivor: Winners at War.