Roswell, New Mexico’s relationships are the reboot’s greatest strength

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From Liz and Max to the Alex-Michael-Maria love triangle, Roswell, New Mexico’s relationships are the beating heart of the show.

There are a lot of reasons to tune in to Roswell, New Mexico on The CW. Not only are we talking aliens and mysteries, but of course there is the complicated relationships as well.

And perhaps that is what makes season 2 so special. Now that certain aspects of building this world have come together, there is a much more natural progression within the story when it comes to the different relationships on this show.

I’m not just talking romantic relationships either, as there are both family and friend relationships that continue to evolve and grow on Roswell.

Liz and Max

There is no way to talk about the relationships on Roswell without talking about Liz (Jeanine Mason) and Max. Not only have they always been the central couple (even back when the original series aired), but these two are at the heart of nearly every other relationship on this show. And speaking of the original series, I have to admit that I am so thankful they decided to take this reboot in a different direction and make the characters adults.

While it was fun to watch the original Max and Liz navigate high school and romance and one of them being an alien, it is even better to see this playing out between two adults who have a maturity level that high school students just don’t have.

Seeing Max admit his faults and try to make amends and do what’s right is not only part of his charm, but also a central part of his character. And as an adult, Liz is able to make rational decisions and even irrational ones, while always looking at ways to do better.

Together these two are a power couple, and even in this latest episode where Max forgot who Liz was, it was clear that there was still a connection there. Memory or no memory, Max found his way back to Liz and the way she handled everything was proof that being an adult brings with it a level of maturity that the original series would never have been able to manage. (I loved the original Roswell, so I am not throwing shade, just stating a fact.)

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