Jacksonville Jaguars all-time Mount Rushmore

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The Jacksonville Jaguars may be one of football’s youngest franchises, but who would make their Mount Rushmore for the team’s best players ever?

It hasn’t always been easy to root for the Jacksonville Jaguars, but the franchise has had some memorable moments in its 25-year history. Jacksonville had a nearly unprecedented run of success early in its history, advancing to the playoffs four times in their first five years, including two losses in the AFC Championship Game.

The franchise hasn’t had nearly as much success since then, but Jacksonville has produced its fair share of memorable players. Quarterback Mark Brunell became one of the Jaguars’ first stars, completing passes to Jimmy Smith and Keenan McCardell as part of a high-flying offense.

The Jaguars also have had a strong tradition in the ground game, with Fred Taylor, Maurice Jones-Drew and Leonard Fournette powering Jacksonville’s ground game over the years. The bulk of Jacksonville’s glory years came early on, and that will be reflected in the Jaguars’ Mount Rushmore.

So who made the cut for Jacksonville’s Mount Rushmore? Read on and find out, beginning with our fourth figure on the mythical mountain.

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