5 superhero cartoons from the ’90s that made us all feel invincible

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Out of all the legendary cartoons that were released in the ’90s, here are the top five superhero cartoons from that decade.

The ’90s was a great period of time to grow up in, and those who were lucky enough to make up that special group know that this was a golden age of animated shows. Before social media and streaming services were all the rage cartoons ruled after school and Saturday mornings. Whether it was rushing home off the bus or setting our alarm on the weekend to wake up early, nothing was going to get in the way of viewers getting to see one of the many fan-favorite animation sensations to come out at the time.

There was no shortage of action-packed, laugh-riot adventure offerings from the few choices that existed back then, and it took dedication to see every episode. In a world with no DVRs, on-demand, or streaming platforms, not every show could make everyone’s watch-list, meaning that only the best would survive in this limited market. Some were better than others, but it’s safe to say they all have their own respectable fan bases.

While many different genres emerged successfully during this glorious time, the superhero cartoon endeavors seem to be of the most-watched of the decade. Several heroic, costumed figures plucked from the colorful pages of their respective publishing outfits and turned them into some of the best adaptations of their stories to ever come out. From caped crusaders to powerful mutants, there were plenty of exciting world-saving adventures fans of all ages would get to experience. Of all the amazing shows to release, here are five superbly crafted ’90s superhero cartoons that are absolutely the best to ever have graced the small screen.

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