5 things we want to see from Stargirl season 1

Stargirl season 1 has finally premiered on both DC Universe and The CW, and after watching the first episode, there are five things we definitely want to see.

Stargirl has officially premiered on both The CW and DC Universe. And that means we have a new DC superhero series to fall in love with.

While Stargirl is an “Arrowverse adjacent” series, it certainly stands on its own. Not only does it feature what feels like a very unique storyline, but it is also campy in the very best way. There was plenty of drama and humor in equal measure, which definitely gives us hope for season 1.

However, now that the series has premiered, we admit that there are a few things we definitely hope to see in this first season. In fact, here are five things we really hope to see moving forward.

More of Joel McHale

At the start of the first episode, we meet the Justice Society as they are being decimated by villains. And one member of the Justice Society who was killed, but we would love to see more of (even if it is in flashbacks) is Joel McHale’s Sylvester Pemberton/Starman. Not only did he bring humor and charm in the few moments we had with him, but obviously he is an important aspect of Stargirl’s story.

The truth about Courtney/Stargirl’s father

While learning about Starman and her stepdad’s history, Courtney hypothesizes that her dad could be the fallen hero. Considering the man died on the same day that her father went missing, it makes sense that she would make this assumption now that she has been gifted the power of Starman. Even if Sylvester Pemberton isn’t her father, it would be nice to find out what really happened to Courtney’s father, if only just for her sake.

The building of a new Justice Society

Now that Courtney seems to be on the road to becoming the new Stargirl, it only seems fitting that she would lead a new iteration of the Justice Society. With a villain from the past already rearing their head and trying to attack Stargirl, it looks like she will need her own team to go up against the villains who took out the original team of heroes.

Why the staff picked Courtney

Another thing we would love to learn about is why the staff chose Courtney. As her stepfather, Pat indicated, the staff only reacted to the original Starman. And following his death, it has remained dormant, waiting for a new hero. And now that it has chosen Courtney, it would be nice to know exactly what it is about the teenager that drew the staff to her.

A deep dive into the villains Stargirl will face

Considering this is the first episode, we didn’t really get to know the villains that Stargirl will be going up against. And we definitely want to know more about them, especially since it looks like at least one of them has been around since Starman’s days in the Justice Society. We need to know who all Stargirl will be facing off with and if she is going to need help to save the day.

What did you think of the premiere of Stargirl? What do you want to see in the first season? Do you agree with us about what you want to see in season 1? Tell us what you think in the comments.