Showtime to air classic boxing bouts including Mike Tyson

Showtime is opening up its boxing archives throughout the month of June. They will air multiple Mike Tyson bouts along with many other classic fights. 

Mike Tyson is an all-time boxing great who’s making a lot of news during the pandemic. He’s 53 years old, but flirting with a comeback. In June, Showtime will be airing many of his bouts along with other classic matches.

Showtime is dedicating Friday’s in June to some amazing fights in boxing history. Tyson is the focal point, but other stars are in the mix as well.

On Friday, June 5, at 10 p.m. ET, Showtime will show the 2017 Fight of the Year between heavyweights Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko. At the time, Joshua was the young gun looking to make a statement against a titan in the sport. Carnage ensued.

Joshua vs. Klitschko resulted in four knockdowns in a back-and-forth struggle for the ages. It had drama, action, and skill. It’s hard to find a more complete fight.

The 2013 slugfest between then-undefeated welterweight Adrien Broner and Marcos Maidana will follow. It was a dirty fight where one boxer dominated from bell to bell.

Friday, June 12, is dedicated to Tyson. Showtime will show five consecutive bouts featuring Tyson’s KO performances against Francois Botha and Clifford Etienne. Tyson was boxing during the later stages of his career but still packed his iconic one-hitter-quitter punch.

On Friday, June 19, Showtime will air a pair of super middleweight showdowns, including Andre Ward vs. Arthur Abraham and Carl Froch vs. Glen Johnson. It was a golden era for the division filled with future Hall of Famers.

Showtime will end June on the 26th with the 2011 super middleweight unification matchup between Andre Ward and Carl Froch. It was close on the judges’ scorecards, but one boxer cemented their legacy with an epic victory.

During the showings of all these great fights, analysts Luke Thomas and Brian Campbell will be live on their Morning Kombat Youtube Channel. Hear their commentary and ask them questions while viewing the action.

Showtime has classic boxing locked down every Friday in June, starting at 10 p.m ET. Tune in to relive history.

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