Beyoncé’s class of 2020 speech is something everyone needs to hear right now

You don’t have to be in the class of 2020 to take these wise words from Beyoncé.

Six months into 2020, and most people will probably agree that this year has been a firepit of emotions and events. But who else could save us and give us the strength to continue on than Queen Bey herself, Beyoncé?

The singer appeared on the YouTube Original Dear Class of 2020, a live-streamed event featuring tons of celebrity star power. In a 10-minute segment, Beyoncé shared her speech for graduates in the class of 2020, and it is beyond motivating. And don’t get things wrong, even though this is aimed toward the class of 2020, don’t let it stop you from taking some much-needed advice yourself. Her speech is like healing words for people of all ages, genders, races, and so on.

She started the speech by congratulating the graduates and telling them that they made it. They’ve not only survived their time spent in school, but they’ve also made it through the heck of the year that’s been 2020. Moving on, Beyoncé addressed how she made it up in the world, noting that as a Black woman, she paved her own path in the industry, created her own businesses/projects, and gave a marginalized people who had been turned away by Hollywood institutions a seat at the table. From there, she shared words of encouragement about finding your place in the world, letting your voice be heard, and not letting the haters get you down.

Watch Beyonce’s Dear Class of 2020 speech

Needless to say, Beyoncé dropped a treasure trove of motivational quotes that’ll be sure to get you not only through 2020, but pretty much the rest of your life. For those who feel like they’ve been “othered,” Beyoncé shined a light on those aspects and wants everyone to be uplifted by that. “Your queerness is beautiful. Your blackness is beautiful. Your compassion, your understanding, your fight for people who may be different from you is beautiful,” she said in the speech.

She even shared her own secret to success, which she simply says is “put in work.” Don’t feed into the fear and don’t let negativity deter you from your focus. Beyoncé added, “I remain a work in progress,” knowing that any losses you face or haters that come your way should only be more motivation for you to keep doing better. On top of that, she mentioned: “Every thought in your mind is powerful. Every word you speak is powerful. Every action you take has consequences for yourself and your community.” So just know in your heart that you can do it and that you believe in yourself.

So much change has already happened for the better in the small amount of time that protestors began going out to the streets and pushing for a better world. And Beyoncé encouraged everyone to keep that momentum going and keep giving strength to yourself and those around you. “Be about that action, and go do it,” she said. What better words to live by?

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