Fans shouldn’t rush to get back in the stands, viewing from home is better

Watching a UFC event from the comfort of home is an experience unlike any other.

In its 26-year history, the UFC has grown to be even bigger than many thought it could become. The production value, replays, pre-fight features, and entrances make fans feel like they are witnessing something special almost every week.

Currently, the UFC is in a unique stage. With no fans in attendance due to the global pandemic, MMA viewers are subject to staying at home and watching the events for the foreseeable future, which may happen to be a better viewing experience.

A free UFC event can last up to five hours. A pay-per-view event, including the undercard, however, is about six hours. With the advantage of the DVR, at least for the prelims, fans have the ability to fast-forward and rewind their favorite, or least favorite moments, over and over again without any interruptions.

Social media enhances the at-home viewing experience.

While watching the fights from home, fans can keep themselves occupied. One way the UFC keeps its fans engaged is through the usage of social media, such as Twitter and Instagram.

Recently, UFC president Dana White asked Twitter their Performance of the Night picks for UFC Vegas 3. The idea came after White was criticized by fans and media at a previous event for his decision to not award multiple bonuses for one card.

Overall, there are multiple advantages to staying home on a Saturday night and taking in the action on television from the Octagon, at least for now. Saturday, June 27, is no exception for UFC Vegas 4.

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